Why Pierre Kory (FLCCC) doesn't like IVIG

Kory knows a lot about PANS/PANDAS because it has personally affected his family. He’s one of the authors on a paper titled Treatment barriers in PANS/PANDAS: Observations from eleven health care provider families. He also does non-profit work for PANS/PANDAS and serves on the board of directions for neuroimmune.org. He’s spent a lot of time looking at treatments for PAN/PANDAS.

In the first React19 Patient Rounds seminar, he talks about IVIG at the 38:23 mark. He hasn’t seen good sustained results from it.

Ironically, the neuroimmune.org website is a fan of IVIG.

Anyways, that might help provide some different viewpoints on IVIG and maybe some of that applies to vaccine injury.