Where to tell your vaccine injury story


Can We Talk About It

Run by Aga Wilson, who was injured by a non-COVID vaccine. She talks frequently with injured such as @bridressen (and sometimes myself). Their format requires you to take a picture in their format.

Report here: canwetalkaboutit.org

Real Not Rare

RealNotRare.com has an excellent website and active social media accounts. It is run Julie Elizabeth, who is vax injured.

Submit here: https://www.realnotrare.com/submityourstory


React19 is backlogged right now so your story might take weeks/months to appear.
Share Your Story - React19

Vaccine safety surveillance

The government-run reporting systems may be a waste of time unless you are willing to document everything so that you can show the flaws in these reporting systems.

VAERS (accepts international reports for serious injury) :us::earth_americas:

Personally I’m not a fan of VAERS because it is controlled by the US letter agencies. Those agencies seem to have pressured Avindra Nath into falsely claiming that all of his patients fully recovered from COVID vaccine injury, which is a lie. Unfortunately, their current strategy is to downplay vaccine injury- so what’s the point in reporting to them?

If you do want to report, download the fillable PDF and don’t use the website. The website requires you to complete your report within 15 minutes but you can take your time with the fillable PDF (make sure that your changes are being saved though).


I suggest communicating in writing so that you can easily record every interaction with VAERS. They may:

  • Be very short staffed, so they don’t file or update your report in time.
  • Whitewash your injuries.
  • Potentially delete your public VAERS record. Sometimes this is done for legitimate reasons, e.g. because your update went into a new VAERS number.

They will give you an e-reporting number and eventually a VAERS number. You can use OpenVaers.com to look at your public VAERS record. Go to https://openvaers.com/vaersapp/report.php?vaers_id=1341704 and replace the number on the end with your own. Your public VAERS record may be very different than what you told them and it may not reflect updates that you have sent to VAERS.

Report to the manufacturers :us::earth_americas:

They have to ultimately report your injury to VAERS if you are in the US. When they do so, they will editorialize over your injury report. So, I recommended keeping a record of everything that you tell them.

V-Safe :us:

You can report your reaction through their mobile app. Go to VSafe.cdc.gov

CCCA recommendations for Canadians :canada:

Page here: Vaccine Adverse Event Tracking – Canadian Covid Care Alliance

CAERS does not post individual reports publicly.

Truth for Health

WWW: Vaccine Injury Report - Truth for Health Foundation

Yellow Card for UK residents :uk:

Report here: https://yellowcard.mhra.gov.uk/

Ask UK CV Fam about reporting, I don’t understand this system and who can report.

Symptosi :canada:

This Toronto photographer has beautiful visual story-telling. You can see the photography and stories at Symptosi.com. While he is not injured, he is very down to earth and willing to take the time to talk to the injured so that he can present their stories fairly. :camera: :mage: :magic_wand:

CoVerse :australia:

CoVerse is run by injured such as @radofaletic on this forum. Their website provides tips on reporting to the TGA.

Reporting info for Aussies: Report Your Reaction – COVERSE

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