What's helping people with POTS or orthostatic intolerance

The teal bar consists of the people who reported higher levels of suffering from POTS or OI. Colchicine was among one of the higher-rated treatments, beta blockers were mediocre.

*Note: Colchicine’s outperformance may turn out to be a mirage… it could simply be due to randomness.

The survey didn’t ask about fairly safe, first-line treatments such as salt, compression stockings, etc. Bisaccia and colleagues have written up a treatment guide. They believe that non-pharmacological measures should be considered as first-line treatment options:

  • physical reconditioning with aerobic progressive exercise training programs
  • compression garments / stockings
  • liberal intake of water and salt
  • drinking water before getting up in the morning
  • sleeping with the head of the bed elevated
  • careful avoidance of situations that can exacerbate symptoms (sleep deprivation, heat exposure, alcohol intake, or large or heavy meals)
  • Physical maneuvers such as leg crossing, muscle tensing, and squatting have been shown to be effective in delaying/preventing vasovagal syncope if used at the onset of prodromal symptoms.