What is brianne dressen CDC secret protocols?

Hello ,
in this LIVE event

brianne dressen mention that cdc\fda give her secret peotocols to treat adverse from vaccine
can any one refer me link to such protocols ?

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She did a video update on her two year vaxiversary, where she talks about some of the drugs and supplements sheโ€™s been taking.


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I wish you well, I really do, especially when you have young kids. Yours is a story of ACCESS and PRIVILEGE. I, like many others, do not have the NIH in getting help with IVIG. I, myself, spend 20 hours a day in bed and have POTS, SFN and gastroparesis. I have called the NIH and they have offered no help. i wish you a full speedy recovery. Why do some people get help and others donโ€™t? Even though you get help and others donโ€™t, I truly wish you well.

This is a HUGE issue.

Those of us with ability to fund experimental treatments, and access to private doctors and facilities, are getting more help. Those is us relying on public health only are getting little to no help.

And then thereโ€™s those of us with connections to the scientific community, who have โ€œprivilegedโ€ access to specialised research and diagnostics, and the ear of the scientists.

This is a major issue all around the world, regardless of the medical system and insurance arrangements.

In the US, React19 has a fund to help the injured get access to tests and treatments. But itโ€™s not enough. We need our governments to step up and put their money where their mouth is. โ€œSafe & effectiveโ€? - prove it by studying every single one of us and providing us with effective treatment and compensation.