West Country / South West


I’m looking to form a South West England support group. I’m based in Bristol and I’ve become quite debilitated by the vaccine and subsequent attempts to treat or investigate the side-effects.

I’m looking for a small group that perhaps, might go on to fight for some form or representation or acknowledgment.

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I’m from Plymouth. Pretty much bed-bound from the vax.

Hey Rich

I’m sorry to hear that. Do you know of anyone else in Plymouth?

What are you dealing with?


There is someone else from Plymouth in the UK CV Family group on fb. I reached out to them on Messenger but haven’t heard back. Will try again.

My symptoms are extensive, but the ones troubling me the most: exhaustion and fatigue, a violent never-ending headache, inflammation and inflammation/nerve pain (not sure which it is), heart-attack symptoms (palpitations, heart feeling like it stops for a couple of seconds, tight chest), breathlessness, dizziness, nausea, weakness (my whole body, particularly my legs, feels like jelly).

I had M.E and fibromyalgia before the vax, and although some of the symptoms of those conditions are the same by name, they feel profoundly different and much more extreme.

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The vax seems to flare pre-existing autoimmune conditions and it seems to do it for ME/CFS too.