Viral myocarditis is being reported in VAERS

For 2022, VAERS has about 454 reports of viral myocarditis (almost all from COVID vaccines) if I just search the symptom .csv (I don’t have time to search all of the fields in VAERS). 8 of them are either “viral myocarditis” or “coxsackie myocarditis”, where a virus is causing the myocarditis. 1.8% of myocarditis cases have been linked to a virus.

This could theoretically be the mechanism that causes vaccine-induced myocarditis. Vaccine injury :arrow_right: dysfunctional immune system :arrow_right: infection that is poorly controlled :arrow_right: myocarditis. For this to be the mechanism that causes most myocarditis, you would have to believe that existing tests are poor (which they are) and that a lot of infections are going undetected. Metagenomics should pick up these infections but tissue testing is difficult to do until after the patient has died.

VAERS ID: 2228161

Narrative: Pt received 1 dose of COVID-19 vaccine (Pfizer) on 08/30/2021. About 3 weeks later, admitted for chest wall pain. Unclear duration of CM, possibilities include viral myocarditis (w/ related viral PNA), vs ETOH-mediated vs COVID vaccine myocarditis, or other.

[PNA = pneumonia, ischemic = reduced blood flow]

Less likely ischemic w/ young age. Per the ID note, “The primary suspicion is that his CHF is due to a viral myocarditis due to Coxsackie. We have considered COVID vaccination as a potential contributing cause of his symptoms. However, typically mRNA vaccine related myocarditis occurs after the second dose and typically occurs within a few days of the vaccination. His presentation is not consistent with the vast majority of presentations. By criteria, it would only fit as possible association. Overall, he remains not fully vaccinated and his risk of COVID complications is high. We recommend that he get the J&J / Janssen vaccination which is not associated with myocarditis and would offer greater protection than one mRNA vaccine.”