Vax injured may be more flexible than average

This infographic explains the Beighton scoring system for flexibility. In a FB support group poll, it seems that the vax injured are quite bendy on average.


I’ve re-run this poll on Reddit r/vaccineLongHaulers to see if the results change. The sample size was about the same, the results slightly different as the poll found a lower level of flexibility…


There definitely seems to be a connection to the post acute effects of covid virus and vax related to Connective Tissue Disorder .

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Oh yeah people with connective tissue disorders should be really careful about CSF leaks after a lumbar puncture.

That’s like a weird area where people got really hurt by testing.

I have been waiting for someone to look at this. People with connective tissue problems are like canaries in the coal mine. I have hEDS and was devastated by the vaccine. Reactivated viruses and lyme, severe headaches and joint pain, POTS, MCAS, high liver enzymes and myopericarditis. I am lucky to have survived it all.

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Here’s a ME/CFS study looking at the genetics of pwME. If hypermobility / hyperflexibility is due to Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome caused by genetics, that certainly wasn’t found in this genetics study (using genome-wide association). I haven’t checked how many of the EDS genes were examined in the GWAS.

This suggests that hypermobility is an environmental factor, presumably picked up very early in life such as mother → child transmission of an infectious agent. It seems like a risk factor for chronic illness.

Here’s a presentation on ME/CFS with some stats on hypermobility prevalence:

Plus a forum thread discussing joint hypermobility: Do People with Joint Hypermobility Represent a Subgroup of ME/CFS?, 2022, Mudie | Science for ME