🇺🇸 US vaccine injury compensation information

The CICP is theoretically accepting COVID vaccine claims; however, it has not paid out COVID vaccine claims so far. The VICP has paid out billions for vaccine injury; however, it will not cover COVID vaccines until the laws change.

US attorney websites tend to have some good information on vaccine information; the lawyers will post good information on the Internet as a way of attracting new clients.

MCT Law:

Aaron Siri’s law firm:

We will be handling COVID-19 vaccine injury claims once these claims can be filed in the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP). At this time, COVID-19 vaccine injury claims are only being filed in the Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program (CICP). Historically, only a handful of claims have been successful in this program, therefore, this firm is not handling claims in the CICP**.** You can find information on the CICP on its website.

There’s legislation in Congress to help improve things as far as vaccine injury compensation. I suggest ya’ll get in touch with your congressional reps to let them know this matters.

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Do you know anyone who has filed a claim through any of the links yoi provide here?

Also, do you know of any other ways to file a vaccine injury claim besides these listed here?

Also, are these links applicable to USA, or Canada?

Thank you!

A bunch of people in the vax support groups have filed. Michelle Zimmerman says that her CICP claim got lost and that she didn’t get a written confirmation.

#2 - There are other legal avenues such as going after employer mandates, etc. There are various class actions going on in the US.

Maybe you can go after your doctor if there’s some kind of medical malpractice going on… but it’ll depend on what the courts are like in your state.

#3- Thee links are applicable to the US. (And yes I’m Canadian :maple_leaf: )

Not only that-I was denied Workman’s Comp claims by an IME who didn’t examine me-only wrote a report….and then I was denied Long term coverage based on the same IME…despite my Neurologist and PMD diagnosing and documenting the vaccine as a causative factor…


Can you appeal the workman’s compensation decision? I have an open workman’s compensation claim for my Phizer vaccine injury.


WC said no-I’m having a hard time finding an Atty.
The IME even said it’s from the vaccine but that I should be at MMI-capable to come back. LTD followed what WC did. My neurologist and my PMD have documented that it is from the vaccine and support me.

What state are you in?