Updated list of doctors willing to treat vax injury - Remote Health Solutions + others

The list is in the second tab of the Google Sheet
List of support groups, doctors, resources, awareness

Americans have the most access to doctors, especially via telemedicine. International options available but coverage can be very spotty.


@GlennChan could you please kindly send the excel file? or maybe at least so that link would be visible.

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@Nadia Did the link work for you (I repeated it below)? Does Google Sheets work in your browser?

List of support groups, doctors, resources, awareness

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The list of links is not visible. Thank you.

Did you click on the link instead of the picture?

Are you on a smartphone? Maybe Google Sheets won’t show up properly on certain phones.

Your image is different from the link. Can you make the image larger so we can read the whole thing?


I think it’s better if you go into the Google Sheet and read it there? (I’m not sure how well that will work on a smartphone though.)

The image has all sorts of text that’s cut off.