UK CV Family: A Letter to my MP

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Thanks Glenn

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It looks like a huge project. Well done!

In Claire’s story, she recounts how she contacted dozens of newspapers in the UK, and of those that got back to her they all said “we are not allowed to run any stories that are negative about the vaccines.”

I have found exactly this in Australia also. EVERY. SINGLE. NEWSPAPER.
They have got their orders that they are not allowed to publish the truth - individual journalists have confirmed this.

This is an enormous conspiracy, involving elected MPs, government agencies and their bureaucrats, health authorities, scientific establishments, the media, and most of all the pharmaceutical companies.

The fact that the press in not allowed (or outright refuses) to report on this important and significant issue is worrying evidence that we no longer live in the democratic fantasies we thought we had. Totalitarianism is a more apt description.

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Just before the documentry was released we wrote to all the MSM we could get contacts for with a press release, it took two hours there were so many. Not one reply

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It might be because the government started paying large sums of money/subsidies to the newspapers, so now they have to be pro-government.

However, one of the largest platforms right now is the Joe Rogan podcast. It’s bigger than cable news.