Top Australian doctor details Covid public health failures, including vax injuries

Hi everyone. This is an important development here in Australia.

Professor Kerryn Phelps is one of our country’s most trusted medical experts. She is a GP, with a long history of positive public service.

She was a famous TV doctor for a period of time, before becoming national president of the Australian Medical Association in 2000.

Along with her wife Jackie, she was at the forefront of our national debate on marriage equality.

She was deputy Lord Mayor of Sydney.

She was also a Member of our Federal Parliament, being elected in a blue-ribbon electorate in Sydney taking over from a former Prime Minister.

She is a big deal. Look her up on Wikipedia.

And… both her and her wife are vaccine injured.

Professor Phelps made a submission to our Federal Parliaments’s inquiry into Long Covid, where she details both her and Jackie’s vaccine reactions, but also more broadly the extent being seen in the community and the poor actions of our drug regulator to investigate.

This is a document that is now on our parliamentary record forever. Circulate widely.

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