Today is world ivermectin day

Ivermectin may help soften the worsening of vax/COVID long haul from COVID exposure

Exposure to COVID (and COVID vaccines) is like playing Russian roulette. Nothing too crazy happens most of the time. However, there is a chance of significant worsening of symptoms. The chance of significant worsening after a COVID infection may be around 1 in 5.

Early treatment with ivermectin seems to reduce the viral load from a COVID-19 infection. Because observational studies have shown higher side effects from higher doses of spike protein exposure from vaccines, it is possible that lower viral loads will protect you against spike protein exposure. See my Wiki page on COVID prevention for more information on how to protect yourself against COVID (e.g. antiviral mouthwash, elastomeric respirators).

Taking ivermectin regularly to prevent COVID is another option that could potentially help. However, I haven’t seen much data on how well this works in long haulers.

How good is ivermectin at treating vax injury?

According to the Treatment Outcomes survey (as of July 22), ivermectin is #17 out of 60 (among treatments with more data available). It has a somewhat low chance of worsening symptoms compared to most other treatments.

In terms of low-risk drugs and interventions, ivermectin is behind the following treatments in terms of its effect on symptoms / ‘customer satisfaction’ as measured by the survey:

  • diet
  • anti-histamines
  • ?blood thinners? (may not be low-risk)
  • pacing strategies
  • ?brain retraining?
  • avoiding exercise
  • LDN
  • meditation
  • one-meal-a-day intermittent fasting

Like most long haul treatments, many people do not respond to the drug.

Getting access to ivermectin

Telemedicine services are the most convenient way to get human ivermectin. For more information on how to get ivermectin with or without a prescription, see Ivermectin - Long Haul Wiki.

While politics make ivermectin unnecessarily difficult to get in some jurisdictions, it is not that hard to get access to this drug.

World Ivermectin Day

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Ongoing analysis of the data is available here: Treatment Outcomes Survey analysis

Hi i recently started taking ivermectin a few weeks ago. I’m wondering how this should be taken if also taking acetyl-L-carnitine, probiotics etc? I can’t remember where I read that it lowers acetyl l-carnitine.
If anyone knows I would sure appreciate it. Thank you

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