Tips for safely consuming herbs and store bought drugs

Hello everyone, im here to offer these tips to safely consume herbs and drugs

Purchase charcoal powder

  1. Have charcoal powder, or pellets ready before consuming your new drug or herb, you can purchase activated charcoal pellets at the pet store in bulk for cheap(its the same thing at the health food store except you get more). Activated charcoal quickly absorbs any herb or drug within a minute of contact with it in the stomach. They use this in the hospital for overdoses.

  2. You have 1 hour post consuming a drug or herb before most of it is generally already absorbed, a good rule of thumb is be on alert 15 minutes post ingestion for even the slighest signs of abnormalities. You can consume a large amount of the charcoal powder, make sure it is finely ground in a blender if its the pellet kind.

  3. Your stool may come out black, that is just the charcoal powder coloring.

Speeding up the clearance and metabolism of a harmful drug or herb

Naturally a drug or herb will clear out at its own rate, but the body has several liver enzymes that can be sped up to accelarate the clearing out of a drug or herb or substance, the number one herb to speed up clearing out a harmful drug or herb with these enzymes ST johns wort. These enzymes are CYP3A4 CYP3A3, st johns wort is the pharmaceutical drugs worst enemy because it accelerates the detox and lowers the half life of many many drugs.

Rules to think about when deciding to take a herb or drug

-Does it have a long half life? The half life is how long it takes half the drug to leave your system, if you have an adverse effect, then having a long half life will leave you with adverse effects for an extnded period of time, perhaps days or weeks.

The half life works as follows
Half life 1: 1.0
Half life 2. 0.5
Half life 3 0.25
Half life 4 0.12

By half life 2 the effect of any drug or herb is halved, by half life 3 you can expect any drug or herbs effect to be a quarter of its original strength, and by half life 4 its pretty much gone.

-Is it an immuno modulator? What kind of cytokines is it raising and which ones are it lowering? Is it lowering the good ones? Is it inhibitng part of the immune system?

-anti inflammatory doesnt always = good, pro inflammatory cytokines are released during infection to promote hardy resistance to pockets of viral infection, keep this in mind.

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