The lowdown on bruce patterson and inceldx


ria heslop / ria hayes was working with inceldx and synlab to host a blood draw clinic in bristol. ria posted a video about her side of the story, but its been taken down. u can still search it in twitter if u copy and paste.

anyways, u can see from dr yoyo’s tweet that inceldx was working on the event

“I was told March 14th things would be set up. But just now finding out all of this. Not sure what happened or is going on.”

things go sideways, the event gets canceled. but bruce is crazy u see… he doesnt own up to his mistakes and decides to blame everything on ria. the inceldx account tweets out a “joint” statement from incel and synlab saying that incel had nothing to do with it. even though chris meda and dr yoyo are saying that the event is going on.

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synlab knows that the statement isnt true because all three of them were working on the event. so they issue their own INDEPENDENT statement on what happened. ‘we are issuing this independent statement’ bla bla bla

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theyre still a lil bit shifty because they dont really explain what happened. but still… you can see from their statement that they don’t deny that all three of them were working on the bristol lab.

so now you know how inceldx treats somebody WHOSE DAD WAS KILLED BY THE VACCINE