Survey results: new autoimmune conditions are surprisingly common in long haulers

Here are some early/preliminary results from a survey that I’m running. 8.6% of 186 surveyees reported a new autoimmunity diagnosis following vax long haul or COVID long haul. This rate of new autoimmune diagnoses is much, much higher than the general population!

The survey results challenge the existing dogma about autoimmune disease. We have known from previous vaccines that vaccines can cause autoimmune conditions such as Guillain-Barré Syndrome (GBS). American vaccine compensation programs have paid out billions of dollars for vaccine injuries like GBS.

The survey results suggest that autoimmune conditions are caused by environmental factors such as vaccine injury and long COVID. The scientific literature indicates that autoimmune conditions can also be caused by breast implants and highly-invasive joint replacement surgery. Links to scientific papers here: Foreign object infections - Long Haul Wiki

The fungal and bacterial biofilms that grow on breast implants may be one of the mechanisms that cause autoimmunity to develop. What’s especially exciting about breast implants is that their removal seems to be a fairly good treatment for health problems caused by them. We are potentially very close to figuring out effective treatments for the various forms of autoimmunity that exist!

If you would like to contribute to the survey, please use this pre-filled link: Long haul survey

It will fill out the demographics question with the name of the VaxRecoveryProject forum.

Here’s a list of new autoimmune conditions, excluding unknown autoimmune conditions (3):
Alopecia - 1
Anti-MAG - 1
Autoimmune SFN (small fiber neuropathy) - 3
Neutropenia - 1
Vasculitis - 2
Hashimoto’s - 2
Lympocytic colitis - 1
MCTD - 1
Polymyalgia rheumatica - 1
Rheumatoid arthritis - 1
Scleroderma - 1
Sjogren’s - 2
Transverse myelitis - 1