Suicidal ideation please help

I need help please. I need help finding ivermectin and doctors. It’s been 5 months of hell. I just found this group. Food sensitivities very bad triggering thoughts and disconnecting me from my soul. Please help me. Please reach out.

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Hi, @bridressen went through that hellscape. She put together this video for people who are going through this: React19 You Matter - Mental Health Awareness

Ivermectin: Ivermectin - Long Haul Wiki

Doctors: Newly injured guide - Long Haul Wiki
There’s a doctor list in there. We really need to get the React19 website updated but please contact React19, they’ll tell you about the secret doctors who are in your state.

Food sensitivities: Try gluten-free, low histamine, or an elimination diet.

Derealization: Do you feel like you’re watching yourself in a movie, or that a layer of saran wrap separates your from reality?

I’ll try to get somebody to reach out to you. Please hang in there. Bri is doing much better now and we know that a lot of people do get better over time.

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