Start here guide for Canada 🍁 (en français aussi ⚜️)

This forum is for Canadians trying to get access to healthcare in a country that doesn’t let doctors be doctors.

Getting access to healthcare

See the latest thread on Getting access to healthcare in Canada. It lists all of your options.

Please feel free to tag me (@GlennChan) and I will answer questions that you have. I run so you can ask me questions about that website too.

Other Canadian support groups

Join the Silenced Survivors group on Facebook. It is currently the largest active support group in Canada that I’m aware of. Then ask somebody to add you to the Silenced Survivors messenger chat.

Another sizable Canadian group is Canadian covid vaccine side effects and treatments on Facebook.

Jab Injuries Canada

If you’d like to spread awareness and talk about what happened to you, the Instagram account Jab Injuries Canada is one platform to do it.

En français

Si vous habitez au Québec Canada, veuillez mentionner @GlennChan. Il ne parle pas français très bien parce qu’il est Chinois-Canadien de souche. Cependant, il trouvera un francophone pour vous aider.

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