Some injured by Covid vaccines can't get medical exemptions

A great article that details some of the very common (not rare) reactions of the vaccines and the struggles the victims have with getting medical help and exemptions from mandates.

“… because of the experience that I’ve gone through, I question the integrity of some of the information we are being given about the COVID-19 vaccine products.”

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Many of the health authorities don’t even hide it now. We only have to look up their guidance documents on their website.

Public health refused to give me an exemption. It was the same office that investigated and approved my adverse reaction. At the time, my employer also wouldn’t even grant medical exemptions to those with previously documented adverse reactions to the COVID-19 vaccine. I had such helpful suggestions as try another brand, or maybe a booster will help your symptoms.

There’s some “research” study (funded by our taxpayer dollars) which found that 18% of people got the same adverse reaction when they got another vaccine following their vaccine injury. Josef Mengele would be proud.