SFN study looking for vax injured with positive biopsy

Dr. Josef Finsterer in Austria is doing a study on V. In-juries and small fiber neuropathy. He would like to publish a paper on this topic. If anyone has been diagnosed with SFN with positive skin biopsies either showing decreased intraepidermal nerve fiber density or reduced sweat gland nerve fiber density, please fill out this questionnaire and return it directly to Dr. Finsterer at:

fifigs1 /at/ yahoo [dot] de

If you have a copy of your skin biopsy pathology report, please attach it to the email.

Here is the questionnaire:

SARS-CoV-2 Vaccination induced Small Fiber Neuropathy

Your Email:

Your Initials:

Month and year of birth:


Vaccine brand:​​​​

Lot number:

How many vaccine doses did you have? ​​

Did you get further doses despite a reaction?

After which dose did the reaction occur?

How long after the dose did the reaction occur?

Risk factors (alcohol, diabetes, B12 deficiency, hyperlipidemia, renal insufficiency, thyroid disease, other)?


Clinical neurologic exam (any exam abnormalities that you know of)?

Blood test abnormalities (HgbA1C, thyroid abnormalities, anti-TSHDs or anti FGFR3 antibodies, other pertinent abnormal lab results etc.)

Results of electromyography, nerve conduction studies:

Skin biopsy results (include location of biopsies, nerve fiber density):

Other test results (corneal confocal microscopy (CCM), quantitative sudomotor axon reflex testing (QSART), quantitative sensory testing (QST), pain-evoked potentials, MRI’s etc. if available:

What differential diagnoses were ruled out and how?

What treatments were tried (maximal daily dosage in case of medications) and what were the responses?

Outcome (complete remission, partial remission, unchanged, worsening):

Course of symptoms: constant, undulating, continuously worsening or improving:

Interval between onset of symptoms and onset of improvement:

Interval between onset and complete remission (of applicable):

Any other pertinent information? _________________________________________________________________________________

Questions, recommendations:

Thank you for participating!