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Thanks! I hate how doctors are so afraid to talk about this and how it’s so hard to find a doctor who is trying to figure out what’s going on.


I have found Doctors who will support me… the issue is Workmen’s Comp. they cannot get anybody to do an IME… and here in Illinois the one that they did get will not do in person.

So just like that I’m out of being able to be compensated because a Doctor who did not have all of my medical records and does not want to examine me has made the decision that I am good and there is nothing wrong with me.

I have pages and pages of resources and articles I have pulled down. I can’t even get an attorney to help me with the Workmen’s Comp. claim.

Did you know that universities are being dissuaded from doing research on vaccine related side effects they are not being given grants… and that’s what keeps us from having a reliable treatment that the risks don’t outweigh the benefits.


Yes the politicization of vaccine injury has reached insane levels. The US government has paid out billions of dollars for vaccine injury under VICP (and CICP)… yet now it is something that is not supposed to exist.

(For what it’s worth, I don’t even live in your country. But the situation is similar in Canada… vaccines are being pushed onto people with myocardition, pericarditis, and people who had allergic reactions to the vaccine. Doctors are losing their licenses for writing exemptions.)


I run a local support group, are you able to add it onto the spreadsheet?


check your private messages. It’s probably in the top right corner… maybe you click on your profile icon and then there’s a mail icon.

Where is the spreadsheet?

Spreadsheet link is here:
List of support groups (first tab) and doctors treating vaccine injury (second tab)