Research that supports us…

Is there any forensic evidence through objective testing, clinical testing, or academic research that would support ongoing symptoms six months or more from the vaccine?

There’s probably people with POTS many months out after the vaccine. There’s also people with new-onset autoimmune diseases.

Other things that can be found:

  • Auto antibodies
  • Spike protein in monocytes???

Yes-I am looking at evidence that supports those…or even people with underlying who perhaps had exacerbations or “unmasking” of disease process from vaccine. Stories are anecdotal without research or forensic evidence…

It depends on what you’re trying to do and what level of evidence you require.

  • Clinical trials: we know that Maddie de Garay still needs a wheelchair. Bree still has some problems, but her health problems aren’t as severe. There are also other clinical trial participants who haven’t gone public.
  • Observational studies
  • Surveys
  • Case reports
  • A test for vaccine injury

The vaccines do lead to very high rates of new-onset autoimmunity and thyroid. I will try to publish soon.