Recovery Protocol - Approaches to CV19 V. Induced Illness

Recovery Guide

This is a recovery guide I wrote myself centered around the philosophy that the body is trying to protect itself during occurences in clotting from pathogens, chemical toxins and other things potentially in the injections - this would be what we call “illness” or symptoms.

An approach with 4 stages is used as follows…

  • Stage I: Treating potential acidosis, inflammation & LDL cholestrol (“lipid nanoparticles”)
  • Stage II: Using whatever form of quinine to help potential sepsis (natural & synthetic forms).
  • Stage III: Using chlorella, potassium iodide & gentian violet to neutralise chemical & biotoxins.
  • Stage IV: Using infrared light therapy, ozone therapy & hyperbaric oxygen for lingering issues.

Multiple Uses of Treatments

The protocol has some overlap between stages with iodine being very good for sepsis too and pushing out foreign halogens (fluoride) + heavy metals. Infrared light and ozone also can be deemed part of stage 2 since they also have antiseptic benefit.

This protocol accounts for certain toxic chemicals and pathogens such as fungi we’re exposed to everyday as well (namely Fluoride) and Candida that could potentially build up making LH worse.

Specific Uses of Treatments

Certain natural and allopathic medications are listed to treat specifics syndromes that may be present during the vaccine injury. i.e. Berberine which can be used to help out with heart issues.

Backed by Studies

For those interested there are studies from multiple sources about the properties of substances that have been proposed to help with Vaccination Induced Injuries that are specific to things in the Coronavirus Vaccination such as spike proteins and lipid nanoparticles that feature in Pfizer.

A few exceptions (mainly neutraceuticals exist) based on the idea that disputing nutrition improving illnesses essentially disputes the idea that malnutrition can make disease or disorders worse.

  • Best of luck to everyone suffering V. Injury - please spread this as far as possible.
  • Disclaimers for legal reasons and multiple scientific studies are included.

Recovery Protocol PDF - Healing approaches to Covid 19 Vaccine-Induced Illness

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Oh I didn’t realize that there’s a published case study on HBOT for long COVID. (Of course, I’m fairly skeptical of case studies where the clinic has a large number of patients and decides to selectively publish on their hyper-responders. I couldn’t figure out how many long COVID patients Aviv clinics is treating. They hosted an event but otherwise don’t seem to market HBOT for long COVID.)

The main takeway from that study for me was the MRI results. I’m not too worried about concerns with hyperbaric oxygen therapy - it seems to be anecdotally helping many people to the point where there is a BBC News article from September 2021 on it.

It doesn’t matter significantly anyway as the PDF is merely a compiled list of suggestions with safe dosage thresholds and the like based on the studies all listed within the document itself.

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