React19 Patient-Led Research Risk Factors Survey #3

Survey results have been published!


  1. The current data suggests that you should protect yourself against the C and the V. More exposure to spike protein has a chance of flaring you badly. Early treatment may (or may not) protect you against the C.
  2. It is common for long haulers to have autoimmune conditions and thyroid disorders. The rate of Small Fiber Neuropathy is very high compared to the general population. Those conditions may be worth checking.

Also, please take part in the ongoing Treatment Outcomes survey. The first sentence on that webpage contains a link to the survey, the rest of the page shows preliminary results.

Health authorities may have abandoned us, but we have each other. :muscle::muscle::muscle: We can pool our experiences, build data, and start figuring out what treatments are healing people. We still need to gather more data to generate more reliable conclusions. Thanks!

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