React19 Patient-Led Research Persistent Symptoms Survey #2


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For the second survey, we collected different data points to better understand the range of injuries suffered. One surprising finding was that the COVID vaccines seem to lead to an extremely high rate of autoimmune disease being diagnosed in the injured. Our data strongly suggests that COVID vaccinations can cause autoimmune diseases in some people. Treatment guidelines from the American College of Rheumatology have also made the observation that COVID vaccination seems to be causing new-onset autoimmunity.


  1. The number of symptoms correlates with the severity of vaccine injury.
  2. Autoimmunity may be a risk factor for COVID vaccine injury.
  3. New-onset autoimmunity seems to appear at very high rates in the vaccine injured.

The autoimmunity connection is exciting as it may help us better understand vaccine injury and how to treat it.


Ok so I expect a bunch of people to ask questions about how this might affect treatment.

Please don’t assume that a treatment is good just because a lot of people said that it helped. A newer survey gathered a little bit of data on treatments that people have tried. Corticosteroids look like one of the more risky treatments out there, even though many doctors consider it to be lower-risk. It is one of the treatments where a significant chunk of people said that their symptoms got worse while on the treatment.

I would not try it first because it’s not exceptionally safe. There are other treatments that are much safer that should be tried first.

The “first-line” treatments in the FLCCC protocol are pretty reasonable and lines up with the survey data gathered so far (survey #2 and unpublished results from survey #3 in the screenshot above).

New onset im guessing is why i lost my thyroid after the vaccine when never had thyroid issues before

Oh the follow-up survey looked into thyroid disorders. New-onset thyroid disorders (hypo, graves, hashimotos) showed up at high rates. There were also many reports of nodules on the thyroid.

I have a question, survey #2:
About 50% answered they’ve had headache as a symptom, named as NDPH (new daily persistent headache) in the survey. Is it correct that none of these got a diagnose, or even a misdiagnose, such as NDPH or migraine? Or didn’t questions about diagnosis have NDPH or migraine as an alternative?
Hope for your answer, thank you🙏

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Many people will report a symptom without a formal diagnosis. For that symptom, you don’t need a doctor to tell you whether or not you’re having headaches. It doesn’t require a medical test (that may be hard to get when misdiagnoses make it difficult for you to get healthcare).

We did ask about formal diagnoses from a doctor. However:

  1. Not everybody answered that question.
  2. Occasionally people forget things. If they have a long list of diagnoses, it’s easy to forget.
  3. Because many people see headaches as something that happens to a lot of people, they may not seek a formal diagnosis and the doctor may not always give a formal diagnosis.
  4. Doctors may not be familiar with various headache diagnoses such as “migraine with aura”.

Thats for sure, but to treat a persistent headache (that 50% said they had) your doctor need to have a suspicion of what kind of headache the symptoms represent… in that order, your doctor will give you a diagnose. Now I know that this persistent headache some of us got after the vaccines are so painful that you will seek the doctor to get medications, and you will remember to mention it if you’re asked about your diagnoses, 'cause a persistent headache never let you in peace from it.

We know that in some cases there is seen a persistent headache after vaccination and headachespecialists in Norway is doing research on it.:+1:Therefore it was very interresting that you found that 50% had symptoms of NDPH, it’s alot, and I just had to ask about this.

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Earlier on I had persistent headaches. Yet when I when to hospital emergency and explain that all of my symptoms were due to the vaccine, that was their signal to treat it all as “normal”, especially when my blood work all came back perfect.

In normal times, persistent heartache right indeed be cause for concern from every doctor. But with regards to covid vaccines, it causes many (most, I would say) to abandon their critical thinking medical skills and fall into a default position of regurgitating what they have been told by the government medicines agencies.

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The severity of headaches will vary a lot. Some people have “normal” headaches. For others, headaches/migraines are debilitating and disabling.

Here’s a YouTube video interview from Oct 2021 with Serena Robella who has been successfully treating her hereditary autoimmune disorders (and so have her family members) with supplements like Quadramune (available online on Amazon and Walmart) from Therapeutics Solutions International Using Nutraceuticals for Auto Immune Conditions: Master Your Life: Leaha Mattinson & Serena Robella - YouTube. Full disclosure, she has also been serving as the director of sales at the company since 2020. Note the Brain Fog, fatigue, body aches and sun sensitivity symptoms she describes that many post-vax long haulers also experience. Here’s my earlier post describing the most likely mechanism of action of Quadramune (which includes Black Seed Oil extract, as one of the ingredients) in addressing the mechanism of vax injury, which looks quite similar to that of autoimmune disorders like Systemic Sclerosis.