Rant: Ontario Canada wants to deny vaccine exemptions for people who clearly should be getting them

Official Ontario guidelines are here.

One of the crazy “medical” policies is to make somebody take another type of spike protein vaccine if they have a serious adverse event. e.g.

Serious adverse event following COVID-19 immunization (e.g., results in hospitalization, persistent or significant disability/incapacity)

Qualifies for medical exemption if:

  • Event has been medically evaluated; AND
  • Discussion has occurred with an appropriate physician or nurse practitioner (e.g., immunologist, SIC network, Medical Officer of Health, etc.) on the individual’s risks and benefits of potential options for immunization with the same or alternative COVID-19 vaccine;
  • Physician or nurse practitioner has determined that the individual is unable to receive any COVID-19 vaccine.

Note that they go off and start talking about an “alternative” vaccine. They are suggesting that they force a different spike protein vaccine onto the patient. As we know, all of the spike protein vaccines (including Novavax) cause an abnormally high level of disability.

This is the opposite of healthcare. And that’s why I stay away from Canada’s “free” healthcare, also known as you don’t pay for medical abuse.

Rochagne Kilian and Mark Trozzi had their licenses suspended for giving out exemptions.

Rochagne Kilian has a talk on the CCCA website:

Same in Australia, my assistance from vaccibe safety clinic was veing offered novavax

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They should change their name to unsafe vaccine clinic. The sheer insanity of forcing vaccines on those injured by it… :face_with_head_bandage:

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It’s even worse than this.

Several people in my family have had serious reactions to different Covid vaccines.

For this reason, I will not - ever - subject my kids to any of these vaccines.

But there is not a government anywhere that will grant my kids an exemption. The government approach is that we have to poison our kids first before they will even consider an exemption.

From this perspective, these government policies are not only medically negligent, they also demonstrate an intent to harm.

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