Pro-vax Kiwi's struggle for support after rare adverse reaction to COVID vaccine

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I like how the hosts compares the situation to being an “anti-busser”. If somebody gets hit by a bus, you don’t call them an anti-busser haha

At the very end of the piece the chump host of the show says to get the booster!

Yeah people need to stop applying to the school of hard knocks and internal vibrations. There’s better ways to protect yourself again COVID, like the live attenuated MMR vaccine which doesn’t have spike protein in it.

Call me old fashioned but for me the 3M N95 has protected me in covid infested Locations from getting it. I would have avoided a year of hell had I just stuck with that and not gotten jabbed.

Oh I guess I’m a little more hardcore than you, I wear a P100 elastomeric respirator. They’re less than $50USD from Ebay.


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