Post Vac Syndrome Germany survey results now available in English

Click the link below for the full results:

Slightly more than 1 in 10 are are reporting that their vaccine injury started more than 2 weeks after vaccination. That is what I was talking about in this thread about delayed onset of symptoms.

Symptom count suggests higher severity in females

Roughly two-fifths didn’t report post-exercise deterioriation, which somewhat lines up with post exertional malaise. So maybe this is a difference between post-vaccination syndrome and ME/CFS. By definition, all ME/CFS patients need PEM for a diagnosis.

High rate of GPCR (G-protein coupled receptors) auto-antibody negatives in females. Unfortunately the survey doesn’t say how many tests were performed per person.
EDIT: No strong conclusions should be drawn from the results because the survey didn’t ask which autoantibodies were tested. Some only had a few tested while others had an entire panel.
“Unfortunately, the number of participants of the question about autoantibodies was much too low and 80% of men and 50% of women had a positive result. And we unfortunately did not query the laboratories and number of AAB tested, so no conclusion should be drawn on this basis” (Tweet)

Another data point on GPCR auto-antibodies in this Reddit thread. GPCR AABs increased (!!!) after plasmapheresis.

In the case report (letter to the editor) on Shaun Barcavage as a patient, Celltrend AABs went down after plasmapheresis.

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