Plaquenil (hydroxychloroquine) as a COVID prevention drug

There’s an interesting blog post here which does an overview on the science around HCQ. HCQ seems to reduce your chance of a bad outcome from COVID by around a third.

Long haulers should definitely take steps to protect themselves against COVID since an infection is kind of like playing Russian roulette. It has a chance of flaring your symptoms and making your symptoms significantly worse. You might also want to try HCQ so that you can use it as a COVID early treatment. If/when you catch COVID, it would be nice if you knew that all of the drugs that you take will sit well with you.

HOWEVER, I wouldn’t go out and start taking HCQ regularly.

  1. Long Haulers seem to react to medication at much higher rates than health people.
  2. HCQ has more negative reports than ivermectin. Please keep that in mind- you may have a bad experience from HCQ.

If you do try it for vaccine injury, you will find 2 things:

  1. Whether or not it works for your vaccine injury. It was rated above ivermectin in the Treatment Outcomes survey.
  2. Whether or not you can safely use it for COVID early treatment.

For those reasons, HCQ may be worth investigating as a treatment to try.


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