Persistent heart palpitations

Hi, I have been experiencing muscle twitching, tremors and persistent extra heart beats that can be felt strongly and show up on EKG as extra beats that should not be there. Tried many supplements listed here (black seed oil, NAC, vitamin C, magnesium, potassium, CoQ10, fish oil) but without much help. Any advice highly appreciated. Thanks


Hmm I don’t really know. I have the opposite problem - skipped heartbeats - that occasionally shows up.

Maybe try ivermectin if you haven’t already.

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I’ve found that some of my heart issues seem to be related to problems with histamine. I had to discover this myself (thanks to the info found in many of the support groups), through my own trial and error - no doctor told me.

Since I’ve been on a low histamine diet I’ve found my heart pounding issues and heart rate have definitely improved. A lot of my other symptoms still persist though.


yes, low histamine diet helped to alleviate it. But is there any med/supplement to fully cure this? Thanks

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If histamine a low histamine diet helps, then try an antihistamine, preferably Cetirizine. It won’t be night and day, but it’ll give you relief. It is easy to guess that this is an autoimmune issue, so I recommend going to an allergist and immunologist and tell them to help you with your symptom’s. Don’t try and explain it was due to the vaccine cause a lot of doctors will dismiss you.

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A study by Columbia University researchers titled Alzheimer’s-like signaling in brains of COVID-19 patients published in Alzheimer’s Association journal found that ACE2 depletion in COVID-19 patients led to increased TGF-β levels, which in turn caused Alzheimer’s disease like symptoms via Ryanodine receptor dysfunction. That study paper also cited this paper which showed that the same Ryanodine receptor based dysfunction is also involved in the pathology of Huntington’s disease where cardiac arrhythmia, muscle twitches and tremor symptoms that you are experiencing have been observed. ACE2 levels could be depleted post vaccination either due to vaccine generated persistent spike protein binding or anti-ACE2 auto-antibodies, which have been reported in many post-vax long haulers. To confirm whether this is happening in your case, I would suggest asking your doctor for an ELISA test to check your serum TGF-β levels. If the levels are observed high the natural supplement Quadramune (available online at Amazon, Walmart and at may be able to help you, as it lowers TGF-β levels via suppressing IDO, as disclosed in US patent # 11,229,674. Also, Quadramune includes a black seed oil (Nigella Sativa) extract that has the highest available Thymoquinone content at 44%.

You seem to promote this Q product a lot. Could you please disclose your relationship with the company? It seems very strange that you would be familiar with this company’s patents.

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@GlennChan I’m not promoting any specific product, but just sharing information from studies or patents that shows a blend of the naturally available (or derived) supplement compounds Pterostilbene, EGCG, Sulforaphane and Thymoquinone may be more helpful in alleviating the symptoms in post-vax long haulers than individual supplements alone. These supplements separately taken together in the same concentration will have the same effect as taking the product Quadramune. I and my wife do take Quadramune daily for COVID-19 prophylaxis, for alleviating persistent muscle aches and arm pain that I developed after a workout session which Quadramune alleviated right away and for alleviating my wife’s migraine headaches and neuropathy symptoms (nerve pain above eye and slight tremor in her arms) which were alleviated within days after she started taking it. So, I personally know that Quadramune works in alleviating neuropathy symptoms, at least in the case of my wife and so I’m sharing information backed by studies, which indicates that it may help other folks, as well, facing neuropathy symptoms post-vax. The patent that I shared was cited in this news release by TSI, the company that makes Quadramune and the Columbia University study was also cited there. I don’t work for TSI and the views expressed in these posts are my own and are in no way affiliated with or coordinated with the company.
I do own some shares in the company, but then so does Columbia University in ARMGO Pharma, Inc that is developing artificial compounds to treat the same conditions, per the following conflicts of interests statement from the study:

Columbia University and Andrew Marks own stock in ARMGO Pharma, Inc., a company developing compounds targeting RyR and have patents on Rycals. Steven Reiken has consulted for ARMGO Pharma, Inc. in the last 36 months. All other authors declare no competing interests or conflicts.

Hey, I also experiencing muscle twitch, especially if I exercise a bit more. In very beginning I had it all over the body, but now mostly in limited muscles that I presume get more strain during exercise. Did anyone have any luck alleviating it?

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People seem to react poorly to exercise. I don’t know yet if it slows down your recovery. (Long COVID and revaccination will likely slow your recovery… I would avoid em both.)

It’s possible that not crashing will help you recover. Lucinda Bateman, a ME/CFS specialist, is a fan of that.

I found that I exercise was unhelpful, until it was.

Earlier on, any exercise was difficult, and would leave me smashed for several days. But after about 3-4 months I was able to get back onto my bike and over a couple of months I built back up to where I was before. However, I was unable to exercise on consecutive days - that always seemed to set me back. I needed to give myself enough time to recover between exercise sessions.

But since that good run of several months, I caught Covid which has brought back the exercise intolerance. So am having to take it very slow and easy again. I expect in another month or two I will be able to happily jump back onto the bike and not suffer the consequences.

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can you plz recommend this support group? i have this issue too

Take a look at the groups listed at: International Coalition - React19
Some are on Facebook.

My heart pounding started after my first panic attack. so doctors give me anxiety med always.

I wanna try ivermectin. where to get it? shoppers has it?

Take a look here for Ivermectin: Ivermectin - Long Haul Wiki