People with delayed reactions who got re-injured

I have no idea what causes it. I’ve found that I developed new symptoms months into vaccine injury… it’s like a rotating cast of villains where old symptoms go away and new ones show up.

Oh so it does happen? Like months later you will get new symtoms?
If yes, then maybe that’s what I am having. This pain is new so I have been wondering if it’s related to vaccine/covid or it’s because of something else.

How many months later that you developed new symptoms? And you didn’t have covid?

I don’t think I’ve had COVID since I haven’t had a respiratory infection in years.

My story is here, though I haven’t updated it in a while:

Survey #2 has some information on symptoms getting better while others get worse:

I am reading it. Thanks for sharing. Today is my first day on this forum so I am still trying to figure out how to use it.

Reading up to where you talked about your heart beat. I have all of that too. Weird thing is that it can flare up. Like last year during the summer it was very bad for couple weeks with skipping beat, PVCs, pounding feeling (not the fast feeling but pounding). Then it got better. Then just last month I had it bad again. Last week and this week have been better.

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The chart below shows my blood pressure and heart rate. If my heart rate is below 60, that’s usually because I have PVCs. The PVCs started around October last year (or maybe earlier). I’ve had months without irregular heartbeat… currently I have it again.

Yes, me too. I have a good cardiologist and he is the one who told me that when those little device things show my pulse is below 40s it’s because of the PVCs and my pulse is actually 2x that. So if I see 42 it’s actually is at 84. He is also the one who told me that jerky leg when I am falling asleep or when I am about to wake up is Myoclonus.
Glenn, with me it’s not just the legs though. It could happen to my hands/arms/shoulders too. Startled the heck out of me sometimes.
Are you able to pint point what triggers it? What makes it worse? What makes it better? I am not able to at all, it’s very random, can flare up or get better anytime.

Tilorone made my irregular heartbeat happen far less frequently. see Tilorone: a broad spectrum antiviral from Ukraine/Russia, never approved in the West

However, I’m not sure that I would recommend it. Tilorone was unpleasant.

It definitely comes and goes for me. I will have it for 3-10 hours, then it will go away.

It comes and goes for me too, but each time it’s a few days.

What’s the differences between muscle twitchings and internal vibrations?

Action tremors:

Fasciculations: ALS fasciculations (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis)(Motor neuron disease) - YouTube

Internal vibrations: This can describe different things. For me, it’s like I’m sitting in a massage chair. I feel vibrations that do not exist.

My spine neuro surgeon is the one who said the muscle twitching is benign fasciculation. He is also the first one who admitted that all of this could be related to covid vaccine. I broke down right in front of him because by then I was going through more than 10 doctors and all of them dismissed it’s the vaccine.

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Pre-vax, I’ve always had a few fasciculations but I could never record them on camera because they go away when I move. Post-vax, their frequency went up. And after trying different things to treat myself, they’ve gone down to levels lower than pre-vax levels.

It’s… weird.

I never had any muscle twitching pre-vax. Have you tried taking vitamin D or getting direct sunlight? For me, sunlight or vitamin D helps slow down muscle twitchings. They don’t go away completely but they happen less. When I don’t get enough sunlight or D they flare up more. Myoclonus too.

You said you tried different things? what did you try?

Vitamin D doesn’t seem to do anything, but I never tried a lot of it. I rarely get sunlight, so I’m not sure about that. I got sunlight while attending 2 CPSO protests and crashed both times, but that’s because I over-exerted myself somehow.

It’s spread across the Google Sheet and this forum.

Thanks for the info.

I forgot to mention I also have that skip a beat with the heart. I have been having it for 4 days straight now and it only happens during my sleep and wakes me up. Oh, and I had extreme thirst and dry skin last summer and looks like the super dry skin is back now.

That sucks. :frowning: My irregular heartbeat never woke me up from sleep. I did not experience extreme thirst and super dry skin, though there are probably others out there who do. The symptoms tend to overlap but no two patients are exactly alike.

Yes, you are right. Regarding the extreme thirst and dry skin. It happens regardless of how much water I drink nowadays. That’s why I figured it got to be related to vaccince/covid. I don’t see lots of people having this symptoms.

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Good afternoon Glenn,
Whenever you have tinnitus, does it happen anytime or only at a certain time? Asking because for me it happens more at night when I lay down on bed, last for up to few minutes, then gone. But if I get up from bed it can happen too.

It changes throughout the day. Right now, I don’t have it in the morning, and midday I will have a small amount. It lasts for hours. (My tinnitus is super super mild, it doesn’t really bother me right now.)

For me it’s not bad during the day but seems to happen when I go to bad, only few minutes each time.

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