Overlapping symptoms between vaccine injury and Long COVID

Both COVID vaccine injury and Long COVID have the same set of symptoms. It is possible that both conditions have a similar root cause, such as the S1 spike protein that is common across all available COVID vaccines and Long COVID.

Data from:

Symptoms are likely overestimated due to the way people fill out surveys; better survey design and/or medical evaluation should generate more accurate symptom data.

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Hello Glenn- What test determines the spike in S1 protein?

I don’t know. Patterson claims that his company has a test for S1 spike protein.

Swank et al. published a paper where they used the Simoa assay test to look for S1, full-length spike, and N protein. They did NOT find S1 spike in the blood of Long COVID / PASC patients. Their test found something that stuck to their full-length-spike-detecting antibody… it probably wasn’t spike because normally spike is cleaved into S1 and S2.

Thank you Glenn for your response. I have been dealing with my health issues for over a year now, and the doctor finally agreed to do a SARS-CoV-2 Antibody (IgG), Spike, Semi-QN - Details test and it came back showing high levels of antibodies. I have never been tested positive for COVID, and I have been tested many times, as per all of my hospitalizations. Is this a good test to determine a protein spike?

No, I believe that test checks to see if you have antibodies that stick to spike. (Antibodies that may help you clear spike protein from the body.)

EDIT: If you want to know if you have had a prior SARS-CoV-2 infection, there is the N/nucleocapsid test and a T-cell test. Your body will usually make these defenses if it encounters SARS-CoV-2 but it will not make then if it encounters a COVID vaccine.

So, if N and T-cells are not present then my symptoms have not been the causal effect of having COVID-19 in the past (assumably)?

Yeah if those tests are negative then you probably didn’t have COVID in the past. Which means that you probably don’t have Long COVID.

(The tests look for antibodies against nucleocapsid and T cells against some part of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.)

Are people having stomach problems and blood in stool because of the S1 spike in the vaccine as well as long COVID?


Interesting, hopefully with science technology they will have the answers and treatments for most of the vaccines and long COVID issues in a few years. Thanks :+1: