Omicron deaths of Johnson & Johnson recipients were double the rate of other vaccinated Americans, new data show

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Well well well. Aren’t we glad that we can say whatever we want without Facebook shadowbanning our accounts for ‘misinformation’.

To address this article… it’s CBS News so I don’t trust it. Is this some sort of pro-Pfizer pro-Moderna hit piece that’s supposed to make J&J look bad?

From the data I’ve seen, more spike → more problems. And unfortunately for Moderna, their vaccine contains more active ingredient than Pfizer. But I guess we won’t see mainstream news talk about the scientific papers on how Moderna happens to be more dangerous than Pfizer.

Well I’m not taking any more jabs from ANY company.

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Oh but the free stuff!! You could be on shot #5 right now…


Not for all the ‘tea in China!’

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That’s something else that was can talk about here: the lab in China that probably started all of this. And how Anthony Fauci is now on board with the lab leak theory and started talking about the 2012 Mojiang miners incident. The fact checkers are busy trying to spin doctor Fauci’s mention of that incident: Explainer: China’s Mojiang mine and its role in the origins of COVID-19 | Reuters

I don’t even know which lab leak theory is true. But I do know that Fauci wants you to believe that a secret Chinese bioweapons program was responsible for the lab leak (and not his agency’s funding of the Wuhan Institute of Virology via Ecohealth Alliance).

Whatever Fraudci says it’s probably the opposite!

Got it. The truth is that the coronavirus was a lab leak in 2020 and mutated into a conspiracy theory in 2021. :stuck_out_tongue: