NIH doctor: Long COVID is real because "It's that temporal relationship that really goes to causality"

We should accept a temporal relationship for long COVID, but not for vaccine injury. Obviously. :roll_eyes:

MARGARET BRENNAN: We go now to Dr. Walter Koroshetz, director of the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke at the National Institutes of Health. He’s also the co-chair of the NIH’s long COVID initiative, and joins us from the NIH campus in Bethesda. COVID Survivors often suffer some kind of symptom for weeks, if not months afterwards. How do we know that this is attributable to COVID and not caused by something else?

DR. WALTER KOROSHETZ: The vast numbers of people who are affected and the fact that the symptoms occurred with the infection and in many cases persist after the infection. It’s that temporal relationship that really goes to causality. There are- there are some unusual features, though. Some people get better and then they develop the symptoms back again. They are, you know, a little less clear.

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