New UNCENSORED Vax Injury Support Group on TrialSite News

Hi guys! Thank you for the invite to the React19 group!

Not only am I vax injured I am an advocate for those that are also going through this and those that have chosen not to take the jab.

I have been working with several organizations and media sources to create an UNCENSORED vax injury support group to be at the forefront of medical resources and research.

Please also join us at TrailSite News Vax Injury Support Group. We are in our infant stage at this time and in the process of incorporating things that are most important to us.

Thank you!


Hi Cat, this is @GlennChan and I’m just testing out the features of the Discourse software. Apparently this software allows moderators to change people’s titles to “Medical practitioner” or even “Verified medical practitioner”.