My vaccine injury story

I keep it in a google doc so I don’t have to answer repetitive questions :stuck_out_tongue:

Drugs that helped: ivermectin, black seed oil

Things that didn’t pan out: statins, melatonin

Video of my finger on Odysee: Looking forward to my monthly booster shot /s

Hi my name is Susan Boyd, I have been injured by the Pfizer vaccine. I didn’t realize it until after my second dose, June 2nd, to which my reaction was so severe and coincided so perfectly there was no doubt it was from the vaccine.
I remember asking as I was readying myself for the second dose what I could expect. The young lady assisting my Pharmacist assured me I would only experience what I had experienced the first time, but slightly more severe. 6 days later I was so happy thinking it was unfortunate my right knee had recently been injured and I now had Stage 4 Arthritis, but at least my left knee was strong and healthy. It was like clockwork the next day both my legs went into such severe cramping I couldn’t walk without help and it was as if I had braces on both my legs.
That lasted 5 days and started subsiding after 3, when I was able to walk my knees were left so swollen my kneecaps were popping out of joint. I was then reminded of how this was indeed like my reaction to the 1st shot April 26, 2021, but much more intense and sever. I was given a second shot of cortisone now in my left knee neither my surgeon or MD would entertain the idea this could be a reaction to the vaccine. I was no longer able to walk unaided, even with a cortisone shot in both knees, for 2 months.
I was not successful with attempts from the medical profession for relief, so I took it upon my self to begin lasix, and started a 30 day inner organ body cleanse, to which I found almost immediate relief. I also began Rife therapy and have completed 6 months. I also have been on most of the suggested homeopathic remedies. I feel like I am 60- 70% back to my baseline, and after 14 months ready to start rebuilding the strength I have lost in my legs.
Pre Injury I was quite active, hiking, biking, golfing, and working 40 hour weeks. Now if I work 12-16 hours per week I have little energy for anything else. I Now have a Handicap Parking Permit, and I am on Diclofenac 50mgs/per day. As I said to my Doctor “I Just Want My Life Back”!
I have received IVermectin and am hoping for possible relief from fatigue and brain fog I am experiencing, and possibly the days I feel I have run into a brick wall will cease. Thank You Glenn Chan for your support, Even though I have just made contact with you I can assure you, your tireless effort to help others is greatly appreciated. Thank You


No problem. I guess it must be a ‘red pill’ moment when you realize that you know more about these vaccines than some of the doctors do.

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Oh and then there’s the ridiculousness of no doctor in Canada wanting to prescribe ivermectin for long COVID or vaccine injury. While it’s no wonder drug (it does nothing for a lot of long haulers), it’s ridiculous how a fairly safe drug has become so politicized. Our right to be healthy has been politicized and is now under attack.

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Red Pill Moment for sure, when the Doctors refused to report my vaccine side effect, I remember sitting here for 2 weeks thinking and repeating but how is that good science. Good Science would report negative side effects, so the vaccine could be studied and improved upon, I mean wouldn’t it?
Much of this journey from, not being able to report, to my pharmacist agreeing I had a bad reaction has left me feeling I am on the edge of a Science Fiction Movie I can’t escape from. The Truckers Protests brought to light I am not alone.
Now I am even more determined to see a change. I am a spokesperson in my own realm of influence when the opportunity arises. I have only just begun.


I’ll honk to that! :postal_horn: :truck: :articulated_lorry: :pickup_truck: :trumpet:

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