My recovery story

My second Pfzr from June 30, 2021 is why I’m here. It’s been 494 days since that mistake.

I’ve gone from having trouble walking more than 5 minutes to being able to shovel snow for over an hour.

Am I fully recovered? No. The graphic below shows an asterisk beside the symptoms that I still have or symptoms that come back every once in a while.

Interventions that helped… and ones that didn’t

I got slapped by a number of interventions. I’ve run into far more bad interventions than good interventions.

My advice to you: What works for me probably won’t work for you. See this video on the latest data regarding treatment. It’s clear from the data that not everybody will have a positive experience with ivermectin and black seed oil like I did.

I suspect that you have to slowly work through many different treatments until you figure out what your body reacts well to. Abandon the treatments that hurt you because you don’t want them to set you back.

False hope

I’m not a fan of false hope. Some people will recommend interventions without telling you about their risk or without telling you about how badly they’re currently doing. People might go charging into treatments that can hurt them. And if some of those people get worse, then they’re farther away from recovering.

Some of the recovery stories out there might actually be a little harmful if you end up doing something that sets you back.


  • Ivermectin - I took this for many months. I don’t think it does anything for me anymore because I stopped for a week and nothing happened. (Symptoms seemed to get worse in the past when I stopped for a day.)
  • Black seed oil - This helped shift my sleep to an earlier schedule.

Ivermectin alone didn’t help me. A few weeks into it, I realized that I still wasn’t getting better.

  • Low dose tilorone, plus maybe HCQ - This seems to bring down my heart issues a notch. It also makes my tinnitus quieter, but my tinnitus never bothered me and was only slightly distracting whenever it flared. This makes me sleep more / stay in bed more, which is not good. It also makes me have dreams, so my sleep quality isn’t as high as it could be.
    I don’t really recommend tilorone by the way.

Made me worse / I reacted badly

Statins (bad)

Both atorvastatin and lovastatin give me muscle pain at 10mg (the normal low dose). I tried a few weeks of lovastatin at 1.25mg and it didn’t really help. At the end the pain started ramping up to a concerning level so I stopped.

Cefuroxime antibiotic (bad)

(I don’t recommend trying antibiotics because the odds are not on your side with these.) I got this weird internal tremor/shivering sensation, except it only affects a small part of my body (between my tailbone and my scrotum). Very distracting. It’s been going down over the 4 days since I stopped trying this. I only tried a very low dose (about a tenth of a 250mg pill).

Tilorone at normal doses

See this thread.

Black walnut & wormwood (bad)

My anger issues came back. It’s when your body decides that your anger is a 9/10 when it should really be a 2/10.

Cat’s claw (bad)

  • Woke up from sleep with an irregular heartbeat that I’ve never had before
  • Woke up once with really hazy vision in the morning. It cleared by the afternoon.

Lavender essential oil (bad)

This flared me. I crashed, my anger issues came back, and I was napping during the day.

Also this triggers my gag reflex hard.

Lavender essential oil is found is lavender supplements that people take for sleep. 1 drop is A LOT.

Tranexamic acid (mildly bad)

I developed a new symptom: the feeling of getting stabbed in my heart/chest. Pain was around a 4/10.

This drug is sold without a prescription in the UK. It’s used for people who might bleed too much during surgery and for women with excessive bleeding during their period. I do not recommend that you try this.

It happens to have antibacterial properties.

Coconut oil used for teeth pulling (mildly bad)

Some people swish coconut oil in their mouth instead of brushing their teeth. My teeth got more sensitive. This isn’t really a treatment for vax injury.

Albendazole (mildly bad)

This made me have dreams (I don’t normally have dreams that I remember).

Slightly good: it probably shifted my sleep earlier.

This is an anti-parasitic drug.


May have cause bleeding issues with me where a small cut will bleed for several hours. May have led to blood in stool.


Got internal vibrations. They feel like sitting in a massage chair, but it only affected my forearms and lower legs when I was falling asleep.

Both good and bad


Makes me sleep worse when I taper off this.

This is not a complete list. I tried a number of other things and I’m not 100% sure what they did.

More data on how I’m doing

Here’s my Chess rating over time. From October 31 to Jan 18 I stopped playing because I realized that I was overexerting myself mentally. That was not a good period in my life. It took me around the middle of February for me to be in decent shape, similar to how I’m doing today.

I’m in the 95th percentile so my brain works pretty well at the game.


I try to solve a Rubex’s cube quickly (speedcubing) as a hobby. I started tracking my times at around 4 months post injury. I’ve been getting better over time. I don’t think it’s a good way to measure my brainpower because 4-year old girls can solve a Rubex’s cube too.


Survivor’s guilt

Um… if you get better then you’ll know what this feels like. This is a good problem to have.

Closing thoughts

About 7% of the people on the Treatment Outcomes survey were ‘mostly recovered’ like myself. Recovery is happening for some reason and hopefully we can learn more about it.