Meet Olivia Tesinar, the first of four clinical trial participants to go public

Olivia is a Moderna clinical trial participant who went public around Dec 2020. For whatever reason, nobody picked up on the alarm that she was sounding. Since she went public, 3 others have followed. All 4 are interviewed here on React19’s Dearly Discarded podcast:

Olivia talks about her ongoing health problems (Severe Lymphadenopathy, Cancer) on her Youtube:

Her Twitter account is @olivia_camron

She’s in the Facebook support groups too.

One of her interviews from August 2021 is on Gab. Episode 7 - American Conversations With Vaccine Injured - Interview With Olivia Tesinar | CD Media

I also whipped up an infographic about what we know about the clinical trials.

Censored version for bookface: