Meat only elimination diet 🥩

Eating only meat sounds crazy, but it’s one of the ways that autoimmune conditions can be treated and sometimes cured. The other effective treatments for autoimmune diseases are:

  • Breast implant removal
  • Gluten-free diet for celiac
  • Treatment of persistent tick-borne illnesses that cause autoimmunity

Of all the diets out there being tried for autoimmune diseases (e.g. vegan), this looks like the best diet because it leads to a cure in some cases.

Information on the science supporting the diet can be found on my wiki here.

There are case studies of many different autoimmune diseases being reversed.

Most people who try the diet report that it reduces their symptoms significantly. It doesn’t look like a cure because symptoms still exist. One person I talked to wasn’t helped by the diet.

Safety: This diet has potentially dangerous interactions with many drugs. See the safety information on the wiki.

The wiki also has some information on how to implement the diet.