Mass showing on CT _"clot" or cancer?

12cm mass showing on CT between lungs and heart… causing superior vena cava to be compressed when laying down… no biopsy but dr says cancer…
Anyone else have mass show up on CT? Medications to reduce mass?

Some people use a ketogenic diet to try to treat cancer, since cancer cells usually require glucose and can’t grow quickly when they must use ketones for energy.

A little bit of information here: Meat only diet - Long Haul Wiki

Look for the cancer case studies from PaleoMedicina / Zsofia Clemens:

However, the carnivore diet (usually but not always ketogenic) is not a magic bullet for vaccine injury unfortunately (even though rates of autoimmunity are high).


Sorry I don’t have a great answer for you.

EDIT: I missed the part of your post where you suggest that it could be a clot or cancer.

Can you send me Canada dr list?