Maria Gutschi, pharmacy expert, explains manufacturing issues with mRNA vaccines

Normally in the pharmaceutical world, drugs are manufactured to high standards so that patients don’t get unpleasant surprises from impurities (and other manufacturing defects). Maria Gutschi explains how the mass-produced mRNAs are much lower quality than the mRNAs used for the clinical trials.

What this means for the injured: We should look out for vaccine injuries changing over time. (This may be easier to do by analyzing VAERS or other surveillance systems.) We may not find anything, but it’s possible that manufacturing issues cause different types of vaccine injury. The injury rate might also go up or down, although I suspect that repeated exposure to vaccines is a problem. Animal research shows that repeated vaccination (with non-COVID vaccines) leads to health problems.

There’s a short summary paper (6 pages) of Maria’s work here:

I was one of the people who helped put the paper together (copy editing).