Looking for assistance with gastric issues & chest pain - seeking angles to investigate

Hi all,

I hope everyone here gets the care they need, and I feel I am lucky for how manageable my post vax issues have been. I am also open to correlation not being causation, but due to the timing I feel my issues may be C19 vac related despite my metabolic health hence my inquiry here.

In terms of my symptoms, I had permanent facial hair loss post 1st dose, and post 2nd dose I had a swollen feeling chest (no heartrate issues that i noticed), a dissyness spell once when I sneezed (never had that happen before - my vision sort of went black and white and I fell). The chest inflated feeling lasted a few days , but for the last 8 months I have been having strong chest pains occasionally, foul breath, i feel bloated and have lots of burping even when i just drink water or do nothing. I also developed persistent eye floaters 2 months after but I understand that floaters can happen for anyone at any time.

I am lucky enough to be seeing a specialist, who is open to the vaccine as a potential cause. What I am seeking is advice for any potential avenues I should look at if this is a common injury or if other people have had issues.

In my endoscopy they noticed that I had some inflammation in the lower stomach and that I also have a small hernia. They believe this to be a potential cause of the strong chest pain (always on my left side around the heart area :frowning: ). No diagnosis yet from the specialist but ive got more tests to do.

Based on the resources here and what I have watched in the past I am going to be asking about microbiome and anything we can check or test on that front. If you have any ideas or have had experiences with these issues please let me know.

In terms of cardiac tests, I have had bloods done (CRP) and a stress ECG with no findings. Just going to focus on the stomach for now and have been exercising with no correlation to an increase in chest pain which is nice. But I would like to hear from people that had nil issues in CRP/Stress ECG but did end up having heart issues. I am still a bit anxious about it as the pain feels like a different spot to where i would say i feel acid reflux pain.


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Foul breath: Can be caused by dry mouth (which could be a vax thing) and by what you eat / food leftover on your tongue.

Eye floaters: some people report that from the vax I think.

If you have a lot of symptoms after the vax, then that leans more towards vax injury. The people who are more severe tend to have a really long list of weird things going on with their body.

Hernia: probably avoid getting surgical mesh put into your body. In rare cases, it leads to suicide because the suffering is that bad.

Hey, be very cautious with the eye floaters. A friend also experienced them, and then lost his peripheral vision in the same eye. He went to an eye dr and was told that he needed immediate (that day!) surgery to fix a detached retina. I think he got J&J last summer. Good luck.

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