Looking for a Neurologist

I am new to this forum. I live in Northern Ontario. I am looking for a Neurologist in the Toronto or Ottawa area who has experience with vax injured. My doctor is compassionate and believes all my symptoms but wants to refer me to someone who can help me. My symptoms are numerous - mostly neurological. Please help me.

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I’m from Ontario too. The situation in Canada is not good.

  1. It’ll be easier if you just hint that you may have long COVID. You can say when you were vaccinated, let the doctor put the pieces of the puzzle together. You can even say something like “I heard that you’re more likely to be infected with COVID in the first 2 weeks following vaccination”. If they’re vax injury friendly then they’ll recognize it as such, if they’re not then hopefully they know what long COVID is.
    Unless you have (obvious) GBS. Most doctors will recognize that as a vax injury.
  2. You can try CAERS. They might refer you to the telehealth service or put you at the front of that wait list. I don’t know how many specialists that they have in that network.

Honestly I just became my own doctor. That’s the fastest way to get healthcare because the authorities are going after doctors for treating the vax injured.

Also… the specialist that may be the most helpful is one that specializes in vax injury. Though you may want to get on a neuro waiting list for testing. Hopefully you get one that actually wants to give you tests.

I will private message you some information. Check your messages…

Also there are some treatments to try first listed here: Treatments to try first (June 2022 edition)

You can ask your doctor if he or she is comfortable prescribing LDN. Ivermectin you can get from okdermo.com (Malaysia).

I have reported to CAERS.
My Dr. is supportive. I have a friend who put me on a protocol in Sep-Nov with black seed oil, pycnogenol. Nac, quercetin, zinc, magnesium, vitaminC , vitamin D, glutathione, probiotics, to detox me.

She is now having me take 6000ius a day of evening primrose oil without all the above thought I do take D, magnesium and B12 daily

My symptoms are mostly neurological

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What is LDN?

Low dose Naltrexone. There’s probably some DrBeen talk on it if you look up his videos on Odysee.