Long covid recovery helpful tips

This thread is a free for all, say what you want.
Lets be peaceful, lets be healing.

Keep things constructive, nobody wants to hear the whole story, keep it fact based, less story telling and more info.

Use your brain, dont take any supplement or treatment receommended here to you unless youve decided its going to help you and not hurt you.

The Internet is filled with covid misinformation thats distracting and misleading use your brain.

****Watch out for misinformation, and misleading users. Whats an example of misleading info?(individuals saying they got better after walking 5km(yeah dont do this), theres no viral persistance its just MCAS.

**Long Covid is a dangerous disease you need to be very careful!

FIrstly lets start with WHAT YOU SHOULD NOT TAKE

Hydroxychloroquine inhibits your immune system by 40%, it inhibits toll like receptor 4 involved in innate immunity, it disables your immune system response to long covid, makes you very very sick if you have long covid, very bad!

Ivermectin inhibits toll like receptor 4 too, very bad!

DOnt take anti histamines!

Covid has the HIV ORF gene which makes it prevent infected cells from alerting its infected, this makes the cell have only one other mean to alert its infect, mast cell activation, rashes and itchiness result. Taking an anti histamine removes the one last communication channel your infected cell has to alert your white blood cells to kill the virus, the result is extended uncontrolled spread! Dont take any h1 or h2 anti histamines!

Basically dont take any pharmaceutical drugs unless theyre an anti viral your really sure works!

LEts statr with helpful tips again these are tips if you dont think these are going to work im not trying to convince you youll find these all below will help you if you look them up!

Long covid recovery treatment guidelines

Pre treatment

Pre treatment is to prepare the individual for treatment, the focus on getting the individuals nutritional value up, and making sure they are ready to begin anti viral therapy.

Anti Viral

-Monolaurin strongly recommend 3 scoops a day (Directly kills virus)

- Lauricidin brand off Amazon is strongly recommended

-Xylitol 1 tablespoon a day(decoy receptor)

- Xylitol is an artificial sugar, it is available at health food stores sold as the brand Xylosweet.

Anti oxidant

NAC at least 4 pills per day

-vitamin C

Joint collagen blood vessel repair -

-Glucosamine sulfate 3 pills per day

-Chondroitin sulfate 3 pills per day

-collagen strongly recommend 3 scoops per day


-multi vitamin 2 per day

-calf liver

helpful tips

-exercise exasperbates infection in bloodstream

-every effort must be made to avoid becoming fatigued

-avoid overheating heat dilates blood vessels

-anti histamines are bad

-sleeping aids that act on the nervous system are bad, many sleeping aids herbs are bad, melatonin is good.

IF the individual has bowel movement dysautonomia

Take magnesium 200% RDA to induce bowel movements

Breakout treatment

High dose NAC+vitamin C controls a breakout infection, where there is infection in many different blood vessels, resulting in histamine symptoms of dizziness, burning skin, hot skin, itchiness, and a drunk feeling. Take as much as needed until burning and itchiness stops.

The rash spots are a histamine response, similar to the redness of a mosquito bite, and is a protective response telling your body to kill the infected cells where the rash and itchiness is.

Rashes without you doing anything are a tell tale sign to stop moving, and get rest. You may also have excessive rashes from mosquito bites, or scratching an itchy nose, in these cases this is an overactive histamine response.

Dont move, a rash means there is infection localized to that area, take your supplements and wait til your energy levels are back up, you feel right and your legs and arms and hands dont feel weak. Only then move. The less you move the better.

The less you use your blood vessels the less virus is going to circulate past them, its like a current of water.

Your body is fighting a viral resevoir of infection in your lower intestine, specifically the illium, it cannot get rid of the infection on its own, but is controlling it to some extent. The more nausea the harder your body is having at fighting the infection.

Allergic reaction to infection is causing dizziness, and also destruction of red blood cells, causing blood pressure drop and a reaction to the virus poisoning in the blood stream. This will stop but you have to rest and not move.

POTS and sars cov 2

Pots treatment

With these treatments I want you to work intuitively with yourself, If it doesnt feel right or your messing yourself up even more then back off and try again later.­

  • Cold water therapy, pots has to be managed carefully with cold water therapy, this means you want to stimulate a natural shock response to cold, when you do cold water therapy, distract yourself or have someone distract you, then splash ice or cold water on your face. This is because with pots, your reactive system is often not working, so you need to get yourself back into natural reaction.

-use a spray bottle with ice cubes and get someone to spray you

Come back to cold water therapy, dont do it over and over again for an hour, your going to desensitize your body and the natural shock you want will be gone.

-Dont do a whole lot of exercise, with pots your body needs to accumulate to a certain level of activity, In my opinion its better to just lay in bed.

POTS here refers to modulation of the vagus nerve

The vagus nerve modulates infection response by increasing sweating, nausea, or causing diahrhea, adrenaline, ephrenine, and cortisol cause a boost to the immune system by super charging it. Many pots patients with sars cov 2 have insomnia and an overly sympathetic response, this is because their vagus nerve is trying to super charge their innate immune system to fight the virus.

Cold therapy

Maybe youve heard of cold therapy for dysautonomia and pots, now i recommend this alot, put yourself right into that cold tub til you get results.

Cold/hot therapy

If your having an abberant immune response, alternate with cold and hot towels, cold activates the innate immune system, heat activates the adaptive immune system.

Supplements that dont work

Quercetin- Anti histamine, quercetin is an anti histamine, that means it is just as detrimental as h1 and h2 blockers, causes increased itching and spread, there is no such thing as a mast cell stabilizer, only ones that increase or decrease their activity.

Rutin- decreases ability to clot or a cetain type of white blood cell do not take

Cats Claw- causes an over exassperbated immune response, anaphlaxis

Turmeric- seems to exasperbates infection, causes diahrhea and stomach upset, dont take and avoid indian foods.

Hospital Guide

HOspitals will generally not help at all, the emergency room is for life or death situations, according to ER docs the Emergency room is for “help me im dying right now” situations, all your going to do going to the ER is racking up a medical bill and getting a bunch of useless tests done. They will test you, and send you home, generally the tests are EKG, complete blood test, pulse and blood oxygen, thats it, the ER doctor will come in and say it could be anxiety or it could be something else we dont know and send you home. This will happen if you go to the ER for your first time with long covid.

Should i pay the medical bills?

No do not pay your bills, you need to save the money long term for supplements and more supplements and healthy food, nobody is going to come after you if you dont pay them. When you go into the hospital, give them a fake name a fake social security number and fake address, they do not ask for your ID, you will be off their radar and not recieve a bill.

What should i not say?

Never tell a doctor you have anxiety, have trouble sleeping, or NEVER say im feeling suicidal or homicidal, saying your suicidal or homicidal they can auto send you to a psych ward. You need to have a “Clean hospital record” otherwise the future doctors will automatically think your a liar or crazy.

Generally all doctors in america are shit and you will not get help, sorry but the truth is your going to be on your own for the majority of your CFS ME Illness until you show signs of psychical problems like organ dysfunction.

Long covid psychiatric issue guide

Generally sometime you might get some psychiatric issue, like severe insomnia, anxiety, agression, alot of different things, the important thing is you do not get medicated for these “psych issues” otherwise your going to ruin your immune system and how your body is fighting the virus.
Generally all these psych issues are from the abberant vagus nerve response causing sympathetic overdrive, when these episodes happen its important you do your vagal exercises, do cold water therapy, and take some alpha GPC which stimulates choline production.
Never let anyone get you medicated.

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I have mild long covid symptoms/im a few months into Long covid what do i do?

You are very lucky to have found this thread, the best thing you can do now is start Monolaurin/Xylitol, eat as best you can, as many vitamins, and avoid all exercise at all, exercise is bringing down alot of long haulers, exasperbating the infection and making them worse. A 10km or 5 mile or 2 mile run might be the day you go from mild fatigue and occasional nausea and diahrhea to severe. Dont let it happen.

Goshdarnit, ivermectin happened to help me a lot at the beginning of vax long haul.


I also tried monolaurin. It may have helped me. It also may have caused by blood to not clot (bleeding takes a very very long time to stop and only when the blood dries rather than clots). It may have caused me to have blood in my stool, but I’m not 100% sure.

I guess this stuff stuff is tough because people will respond differently :confused:

Thanks for sharing what you know though, I hope your recovery is doing well.

EDIT: I took black seed oil, it seems to have fixed a longstanding sleep pattern of mine. So it’s changed my thinking on supplements… some of them are biologically active and actually do things. Red yeast rice for example contains lovastatin, a prescription drug.

I would also like to add -

Tips for determining if i should take a drug/ supplement
-does it have a long half life?
The half life is how long it takes for half the drug to leave your body, if the drug has a long half life, and you have adverse reactions, then it can become life threatening.

Liqorice root-

Liqorice root is a proven covid 19 anti viral, it is a good starter anti viral to gain back fatigue/energy, but liqorice root cant be taken alot of.

**List of antivirals and experimental anti virals and places to obtain antivirals

  1. India pharmacy websites

IF your looking to purchase a prescription drug without access to a doctor to prescribe you it/ its too expensive, the generics are cheaper and can be bought for cheaper on indian pharmacy websites, these websites are lax and mail the generics for far less.

  1. Chemical research companies

Chemical companies online that sell bulk chemicals and labatory samples are a great place to find anti virals, placeslike chemdirect.com offer keyword searches for words antivirals and are a great research starting poiont.

List of anti virals

Liqorice Score 9/10

Liqorice is effective at killing the virus in the lower intestine, and results in increased energy levels and reduced fatigue. Liqorice should be taken on an empty stomach, liqorice extract is what you want, liqorice powder doesnt do as well as extract. Liqorice lowers potassium and hence raises blood pressure, increasing heart rate, excessive liqorice intake can then send you to the emergency room wth too high blood pressure. Dont be afraid because of this, but watch it and if you notice your heart beating faster after a few days of too high dosing cut back.

Garlic Score 9/10

Garlic is effective at killing the virus in the lower intestine, and is an overall safe and effective supplement from experience that will bring back energy. It is a tried and true virucidal. You can take a whole bulb if you like. Garlic causes insomnia in some cases, and it may not be for you because of this.

Lysine 3/10

Lysine appears maybe effective at blunting symptoms in large doses of 5000mg a day, but you have to do a low lysine diet or else the small effect is neutralized! Dont waste your money.

Colloidal Silver 9/10

Colloidal silver is always effective at killing any virus or bacteria and it works with this too.Spray this up the nostrils to kill anything, the problem is you cant take a lot all the time. Use for respiratory infections in the nose and upper airway, but do not swallow because it kills good bacteria and disrupts the gut microbiome.

Xylitol Sweetener 8/10

Xylitol sweeter prevents sars-cov2 from entering cells, Xylitol is non toxic at high doses, and has a slow absorbtion rate, Xyltiol is absorbed slowly in the lower intestine where sars cov2 resides for long covid. Xylitol does not kill the virus but prevents replication. Xylitol is toxic to some animals but not humans. Xylitol inhibits replication of influenza A virus, Xylitol prevents bacterial growth in mouth, Xylitol is effective in ear infections.

Take this with milk or a fat and ingest a few teaspoons per day, Xylitol acts as a decoy receptor to the sars cov 2 virus and when xylitol is in the presence of the virus the virus “lines” up outside the xylitol molecule and believes its a receptor. The result is that a weakened body has extra energy because these excess viral molecules are queueing up outside an xylitol sugar in your gut instead of honing in on your biological receptors.

Choline for Pots

I recommend when purchasing choline you purchase the precursors, precursors are the building blocks of the real strong choline moleculeslike phospholidycholine that act on the neurons, the problem is that phospholidycholine acts directly artificially on the neurons, producing an artificial choline effect and the real effect from your body, the result is neurological problems and you can screw up your nervous system, if you take the precursors, such as simple choline, you let your body use however much of the choline to create phospholidyl choline and recycles the rest, this way you wont have wierd feedback effects.

Anti histamines

HIgh does vitamin C acts as an anti histamine, with what is said online, the vitamin C binds with the histamine and cancels it out, high dosing vitamin c refers to taking 1-4grams, vitamin C is non toxic in high doses, the human body can tolerate large amounts of vitamin C 10grams plus per day , excess vitamin c is pooped or urinated out, a side effect is urine that is more acidic.

What is monolaurin?

Monolaurin is naturally found in mothers milk that boosts the babies immune system, it kills over 14 different types of lipid coated viruses, including HIV, it is a compound that the mothers milk contains that helps build and strengthens the weak immune system. Monolaurin kills bacteria too, it is a type of medium chain fatty acid that our bodies use to protect against viruses and bacteria. Medium chain fatty acids are found on the surface of the skin are why our skin is not coated with bacteria. Another great medium chain fatty acid to take is Monocaprin, which does the same as monolaurin, both work in synergy with another.

Whats the best brand to take?
The original brand made by the discoverer of monolaurin is called Lauricidin, it is available on amazon for $30.

Have you looked into garlic essential oil instead of a bulb of garlic? And if so, any thoughts on that?

i dont think it matters much, garlic contains Allicin, which is a type of sulphur, and causes insomnia in high doses, so its not too useful because you get an upset stomach with alot of it.

This also happens with high doses of NAC, because NAC contains sulfur, but keeping the NAC at 4 pills a day is good amount that wont cause insomnia.

if you have simple fatigue and diahrhea you protect yourself now from going from mild CFS to Severe, here are two steps you can do now to preserve your health. Yes even if your still going to the gym.

  1. Avoid all physical activity- lay in bed as much as possible.Exercise causes an energy imbalance which causes breakout infections, breakout infections mean the virus spreads to more parts of your body.
  2. Purchase a wheelchair to use in the house, or use a roller chair to move around.
  3. Avoid using your hands and feet as much as possible, as said before exercise causes the blood to move faster, and that makes any circulating virus in your blood get quicker around your body, the most used parts of the body are the hands and feet, and they get damaged easily. Instead of standing, lean, use or use a wheelchair.
  4. Dont panic- The worse thing you can do is panic and make your situation worse, dont make rash decisions in fear, dont go to the doctor blindly and blindly accept his/her advise, a great euphamism

"when in the presence of two choices and there is no clear good outcome it is better to abstain"

If you do these two simple things you can preserve your health until a suitable therapeutic is made to truly heal long covid.

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Try at your own risk

Experiment drug: Amantadine

Amantadine was first claimed to kill covid by a doctor named w bodnar in poland, amantadine is an anti viral for influenza, he treated about 1000 patients with it early on, it has a long half life, its probably not for people with pots because it decreases the parasympathetic nervous system activity.
Home – 21 Mar 21
Amantadine: The Story of a “Wonder” Drug for COVID-19

The recent outbreak of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic caused many scientists to focus their attention on this new type of coronavirus and desperately search for medicines or vacci…

Amantadine affects the central nervous system due to dopaminergic and anticholinergic properties. If you have POTS or dysautonomia you should not take this because it is going to negatively affect the choline system in the body causing dry mouth and constipation even more.

Thailand medical news has a section on long covid, and covid 19 herbs


SSRIS are not good for you

95% of your serotonin is produced in your gut, serotonin is an immune modulator that affects the innate immune system, when excess serotonin from SSRIS is produced the cells that secrete serotonin get downregulated, the innate immune system gets altered