Long Covid POTS types & histamine response types

Hello once again im here to offer my advice on combating long covid, once again the internet is full of disinformation and bad info thats harmful, use your insight, gut feelings, and research before following any long covid advice.

Good luck and please rest and avoid all exercise, yes that means physical exercise too like just wakling to the store!

Hyper adrenegericLong covid causes your immune systrem to supercharge you pumping you up with adrenaline and epinephrine, this all happens because the destruction and attack on the immune system, this results in sympathetic over drive, you feel anxious nervous, have hypertension, constipation, cant eat, have alot of fear, this is all your body trying to protect you.

To my knowledge this can manifest in two different ways on your body
The two types
With bodily sympathetic overdrive, you have hypertension and your mind and emotions are the same, you feel stiff, maybe have trouble sleeping a bit, but can still eat and drink.With mental or emotional , you have anxiety fear, or anger, but your body does not have hyper tension, instead of the adrenaline and epinephrine affecting your body it affects your emotions or mental state, the effect is just the same though and your immune system still gets super charged, of the three the best to have is body hpyer tension because it is the least discomforting of the three.


With the mental/feeling type of sympathetic over drive, you have intense neurological symptoms, fear, anxiety worry, locked in fear etc, to the best of my knowledge the excess adrenaline moves to affect your emotions and mind more than your body, you have what can be called normal bowel movements, they arent constipated.

I dont feel like myself anymore whats wrong?
Dont worry, your real person is still there, its just masked by the sympathetic overdrive, imagine being stuck in the most stressful situation in your life and then taking that feeling back home with you, once the stressor goes away in this case the virus, your real personality comes back.

The best way to lower your sympathetic overdrive is to rest, get plenty of sleep, and to take anti virals to reduce the stress load your body has to carry to protect yitself from the virus. aAs the “stress load” of the virus lowers, your parasympathetic begins to come back gradually.

Progression of long covid itching/histamine response

Stage 1
Normal Itch

This is a normal itch with no rash, the virus has infected a small local area of the body.

Stage 2 Normal itch with rash

This is a normal itch with a rash, the virus has infected a small area of the body and the body has activated a rash due to hyperactivation of immune system, the body may be weak.

Stage 3 Normal itch/rash with contact dermatitis

This is a rash and itch and contact dermatitis is happening wherever the body is pressed up against, the mast cells are on high alert and hyper activated.

STage 4 itchy rash w/ contact dermatitis and histamine induced dizziness/ pass out

The body is very itchy, with rashes, the virus has infected multiple areas, the mast cells are on heightened alert with contact dermatitis, anaphlaxis is occuring and dizziness is happening from excessive mast cell activation. The body may pass out.

Healthy vs mastocytosis Itch

Healthy itch/rash

A healthy itch or response to the virus if there can be one is what feels like a normal itch, the itch feels like you are scratching dead skin off, the itch is on the surface of the body. It does not last long.

Mastocytosis itch - danger zone

A mastocytosis itch feels like an itch that is itchy and cold, if an itch feels cold or hot or abnormal then this is an abnormal mast cell reaction, this is the danger zone, these abnormal reactions lead to mast cell destruction.

Internatl mastocytosis can feel itchy and hot, this is deep internal itchiness, these are above all the most dangerous mast cell reactions to the virus, there is no way to repair this type of deep mast cell abberant reactions, the destruction to the blood vessels as far as im aware does not recover, and the person must get out of this abberant immunological state as soon as possible.

Moving out of the danger zone

We start off with the statement all mast cell reactions to the virus are abberant, and dont have to be that way, even if the patient is genetically predisopsed to mastocytosis from covid 19, the statement is still true given not all patients experience mastocytosis.

If im in the danger zone what do i do? Im having hot/cold itchy rashes and hotness under my skin

Douse yourself in cold water, and alternate with hot water too, cold activates the innate immune system and hot activates the adaptive immune system. Many people advocate a low histamine diet, but this doesnt solve the fact the body is still over reacting. We want to get you to the state where your having a normal itch, and not the wied ones, no these itches arent healthy or normal.

Try vagus nerve exercises, the best afkable one is gargling, you can gargle for a long time until your nervous system is in a different state.

Identifying long covid diahrhea Do i have long covid?

LOng covid diahrhea generally smells like a mixture between cow feces and chemical.(ancedotal report) If you are worried about long covid smell your feces for any abberant smell, if it is chronically smelling for a week and you are experiencing fatigue there is a good chance its long covid, espescially if it smells like cow feces/chemical(ancedotal, may smell different!)

Feces generally smells the same earthy natural smell throughout a persons life, if its smelling very wierd and you have fatigue, do not wait.

-Helpful tips with diahrhea
-IF you have diarhea that means your immune response to the virus has weakened and you must rest, if your stool is diahrhea then that means there was activate virus replicating in your lower intestine at the time of digestion! Dont take this out of context, anybody can have diahrhea and be fine, this it to those who also have other long covid symptoms.

-If you have long covid and your stool has hard/natural that means you have a strong immune response to the virus, this is a healthy if there can be called a healthy covid 19 response to be in.

A Diagnostic for determining viral persistance/long covid

  • Take monolaurin or antiviral such as liqorice root, see if stool becomes normal, if it is its likely a infection in your gut!

Urination and Pots/dysautonomia

Urination happens to lower blood pressure, urination also acts as a tension release, after the body urinates tension is released from the body, the pelvic muscles become relaxed. POts and dysuatonomia have alot of fight or flight and sympathetic over drive, along with urination, what also has these two characteristics?

People urinate when theyre scared, people commonly say they urinated or peed themselves after being scared, this is exactly the same situation that happens with pots or dysautonomia, what is another example?

People urinate after sex, after sex people urinate, tension is released in the body after being built up during sex.

Why bring this up? To explain some of the reasoning of why people with pots/dysautonomia could be urinating alot, urination is parasympathetic, and all that urination is a sympathetic destressor.

Another interesting tidbit- submersion in cold water often makes people urinate.

**Experiment to try helping insomnia with pots/dysautonomia #1

Try not stretching, when you stretch tension is released from your body, this theory is that if you dont let out the hypertension your body wont try to pump you up with more adrenaline through fear/anxiety and you can get a good nights sleep albeit a stiff one.

Experiment to try modulating vagal activity

As said above submersion in cold water often makes swimmers urinate, try taking a cold shower, and wait til the urge to urinate comes after the cold shock hits you, urinate, and see if it modulates your vagal tone and makes you more, or less relaxed afterward.


Rubbing cbd oil on the back of the neck near the vagus nerve at the base of the neck will get a vagal effect going, CBD Oil affects the vagus nerve and directly targets the choline receptors.

Vagus Nerve stimulation: The basic exercise

If your test indicated that you had a ventral vagal nerve dysfunction, perform the basic exercise for vagus nerve stimulation.
Lie on your back on the ground.
Interlace your fingers and bring them behind your head- right at the base of the skull
Look with your eyes to the right until you sigh, swallow, or yawn, and then repeat on the other side.
You may blink during the exercise.

Now that you’ve stimulated it, retest your vagal nerve and see if there was a change.