Kyle Warner’s Vaccine Injury Update


My experience has some similarities to his - I’m mostly recovered but I still have lingering symptoms. I get PVCs / irregular heartbeat from time to time. And other weird issues:

  • Small cuts wouldn’t stop bleeding. If the blood was dried (e.g. with a hair dryer), then the dried blood would form a really bad seal that was prone to bleeding again if the seal was broken.
  • Blood in stool. (Not as bad as hemorrhoids actually. That is so much worse.)
  • When I caught some type of stomach bug, I was shivering continuously (with minor breaks of a few seconds). It is tiring to shiver continuously… and kind of scary because it’s never happened to me before.

I am functionally recovered and feel like I can do everything. My health weirdness doesn’t affect my quality of life as far as I know.


Glad to hear you’re mostly recovered, Glenn. Thank you for staying with us to help others recover.

Kyle’s story gives me so much hope. My symptoms are almost identical to his. I hadn’t realize he spent so long in bed- I’m at five months and looking forward to just being able to walk around again without my chest pounding.

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Yeah I’m trying to do research to figure out this medical mystery. I outline some treatments and experimental stuff over at

I do want to see people like yourself and Maddie get better.


Hi Glenn what did you do to get better? Thanks for any help Shirley

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And does anyone know how to reach Kyle, Brianne, Pam from the stories page, or anyone else who have gotten better with help working so hard to find support and help just to get back to some of my normal life ??? I miss being me so bad!

see here: My vaccine injury story

And a list of things to try first: Treatments to try first (June 2022 edition)

I still have lingering symptoms though… annoying.

You can find Brianne in the facebook support groups. See the stickied post at the top of the forum. I have no idea where Kyle is other than Instagram.

In the big group there’s a post for recovery stories.

An update from Kyle…! The path to recovery has had a lot of bumps and he’s dealing with some lingering health issues. But it’s great to see that he’s back to work. He also won a mountain bike race.

Last week was a pretty big milestone on this road back to the life I knew! In April, I thought I was finally clear of my symptoms and in celebration we did a cross country road trip visiting fun mtb destinations and seeing friends. All was good until the last few days, when I overdid it riding at Berm Peak and my body started a downward spiral again.

My chest pain and heart palpitations came back, I broke out in hives all over my body and started dealing with bad tendinitis pain in my hands, the worst of all was mentally feeling like I was at square one again. We headed home and I reached out to @hyperbaric_oxygen_of_idaho again and scheduled 30 more sessions which brought my total up to 70 sessions. I went 5 days a week for roughly 2 hours a day & after a few weeks I started to get all of my gains again and slowly started to try & build my fitness again.

After a day of riding I would deal with some minor chest pain, then I’d rest for a few and it would subside. Finally I got to a place where I felt like I could be fairly active without consequence and I headed to California to ride for a week. During that week I only had palpitations once in the middle of the night but overall I felt like I was 95% better. I was scared to say anything publicly incase I went backwards again but I scheduled an echocardiogram with my cardiologist to see how my heart was doing. Last week I got my results back and my heart is doing really great. My ejection fraction improved a lot and everything looked really normal. I’m so grateful for everyone who has helped me on this journey, especially HBOT Idaho and Ciara at Boise Neurofeedback who’s helping me work through the mental trauma. I’m still dealing with a little bit of hives and tendinitis but not nearly as bad as before. I’m hoping things will continue to get better over time. The mental and emotional side has been so hard and to get messages daily being attacked as a conspiracy theorist only to have the next message be someone looking for help is the weirdest position I’ve ever been in. I’ve been trying to take more time away and really focus on healing… continued :arrow_down:

i even was able to enter a fun enduro race the other day and got the win :). I know eventually this will all be a distant memory and I’ve been trying so hard to move on and move forward again. It’s just been tough having daily reminders when I was dealing with constant palpitations and chest pain. I’m definitely in the best spot I’ve been in since this whole ordeal started and I’m excited to keep moving forward, even if there happens to be some setbacks that happen I’m trying to find peace in the process and realize how far I’ve come since last year both mentally and physically. I seriously have so much love for all you who have been in my corner, especially @aprilzastrow11 and our sponsors who have stood by us this whole time. You’ll never know how much it means to us and I’m really sorry if I’ve been quiet or have missed messages or texts from anyone, I’ve just been focused on healing so I can eventually help others with more of my energy.

:heart: Kyle