Johnson&Johnson vaccine

I had the J&J vaccine last May. A few weeks later I had a complete loss of appetite (eating made me feel sick) my sleep pattern was disrupted so I had trouble falling asleep until 5AM or so and felt totally fatigued all the time. I didn’t connnect any of these side effects for months.

I was in great health before the shot.

Had anyone experienced anything like this?

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I had fatigue and sleep issues. My sleep issues were a little different… it would take me a while to fall asleep, sometimes a few hours.

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I had trouble in that I would wake around 3 or so. Sometimes for an hour or so and sometimes not getting back to sleep.

Oh I forgot to mention… ivermectin helped me with my sleep for some reason.

Black seed oil (from nigella sativa) helped shift my sleep earlier. I used to go to sleep at 2-3AM… sleeping earlier didn’t work for me, I wouldn’t fall asleep. Now I sleep at like 12pm ish.

Eating only meat and fruit helped shift my sleep slightly earlier… but that was from 3-4AM or something (I don’t remember right now) to 2-3AM.

Lavender supplements may help, but there’s a small amount of risk there. Check the 1 star reviews on Amazon.

Thank you both. This is helpful. Did you notice any decrease in your appetite?

I lost 25ish pounds from changing my diet to meat and fruit. I didn’t have that much apetite in the beginning.

As far as vax injury goes… other people report weight changes (both ways). Sometimes people have weight fluctuations.

Post J & J, within the first 2 months, my mother was diagnosed with a “fast onset” prion disease. She went from working full time to being found blacked out in her home. During the next 2 weeks in the hospital, she saw a hospitalist who told us he was seeing several other cases just like my mother. He said he was afraid there would be an outbreak of prion diseases, caused by the “shots”. We are now a year out, as of June 2, 2022. She is holding her own. She has declined and can no longer manage her own life. It has been the saddest thing to be part of. She did not take any medication, prior to this illness. She is on a regiment of prion medication along with a long list of vitamins and minerals. We have not had any earth shattering medical assistance to share with the group. It has been an extremely long year. We know of several others, who show the same symptoms, but can not get a medical professional to help their families. It’s so sad how the medical professionals are hiding their heads in the sand.

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Interesting. I don’t believe that many vax injured have been talking about prion diseases. (I don’t even know if they’re real or not.) The doctor would likely be considered an outlier by mainstream doctors and even the non-mainstream doctors who don’t take insurance.

The newly injured guide has a list of medical tests. Some of those conditions have mediocre treatments.

Sorry it’s late so my apologies if my reply is incoherent.