Johnson & Johnson Blood Clotting Disorder - looking for others

I am looking for others who have had similar complications due to the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine. I developed massive Pulmonary Embolism, a clot in transit in my right atrium, one clot in my left leg, and two in my brain. I am now on blood thinners until the vaccine is no longer in my system (it is still as strong one year later). I know that there are only 60 of us, I am patient number 28 in the USA, but I would love to connect with those who have also developed this same condition.

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Hi, welcome to the forum! I don’t have blood clots myself. (I briefly had the opposite problem… small cuts would continue bleeding very slowly for hours.)

Do you have other symptoms? Usually the injured have a long list of symptoms. (I’m usually too lazy to type them all out.) Symptom lists can be found here:

How long the health problems last: So far there have been 3 clinical trial participants that have gone public: Brianne Dressen, Maddie de Garay, and Augusto Roux. They are among the first to get vaxxed. Bree is doing a lot better, but still has real problems. Maddie still needs a wheelchair. I don’t know if Augusto is fully recovered but he seems to be doing really well now (I need to re-read his interview). What we’re seeing is that some people don’t get better… and others recover.

If you join this group on Facebook: Covid Vaccine - Long Haul Autoimmune Support | Facebook

You will be able to see this thread:

People in that thread are talking about PE.

Hi Glenn,

If anyone were to look at me today, they would never be able to tell. As crazy as it is I find myself to be one of the lucky ones. Though my condition and reaction to the vaccine are extremely rare (only 60 verifies cases) my symptoms at the height of my ordeal were pretty unbearable. And where I do consider myself lucky for sure is that I am fortunate enough to be able to be tested to show the cause and effect of the vaccine complication. For five weeks I walked around undiagnosed with massive pulmonary embolism. Leading up to my 9-day stay in the ICU which included two life-saving surgeries I had the following symptoms.

Shortness of Breath
Lower back pain
Persistent Cough
loss of consciousness
Difficulty concentrating
Inability to perform normal activities

After my daughter found me passed out in the bathroom, I was rushed to the hospital, while in the ER I was diagnosed with Massive Pulmonary Embolism and a clot in transit in my right atrium. The clot in my heart so large if it attempted to pass I would immediately go into cardiac arrest. I was able to have an emergency procedure in the cath lab to remove the clots. Days later had to have follow-up surgery to remove one from my leg. I also had two in my brain.

While I am still on blood thinners and possibly will be for the rest of my life, my long-haul symptoms are managed through medication. Since the vaccine is still very active in my system (ELISA test performed every 6 weeks) I will not be able to stop blood thinners until my body no longer produces the PF4 Factor. My official diagnosis is Vaccine-Induced Thrombotic Thrombocytopenia.

Once again I consider myself very lucky, but still mad all the same.


Whoa, that must have been pretty scary for you and your daughter at the time.

Regarding the adverse reactions… I don’t think that the reactions are that rare. VIGIAccess currently shows 18892 deaths as adverse reactions from the COVID-19 vaccines. If we conservatively estimate that only 10% of deaths are logged into VIGIAccess, that’s about 190,000 deaths from the vaccines.

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Lots of reports of thrombocytopenia in VigiAccess too. Yours would be a form of immune thrombocytopenia, with 2,884 reports. There are tens of thousands like you.

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You are in Canada correct. In the US we use VAERS, to date only 60 official cases have been documented with VITT through a medical provider. While I believe there are many more out there here in the US the system to properly diagnose and truly recognize the cause and effect is lacking here in the States. The news media do not consider self-reported as actual cases which is BS.

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Yeah I’m in Canada, though VigiAccess draws its data from developed countries (e.g. Canada, US) that participate in the system. I suspect that there’s a lot more than 60 cases now.

The clinical trials were supposed to detect safety issues with the vaccines. Unfortunately, the reported data is no good because the people running the trials went out of their way to hide the safety issues. We know that from Bree, Maddie, Augusto.

I suspect that the vaccine safety issues are much bigger than many people think.

I know that the issue is much bigger.

Before I found these online groups, I already knew a dozen people in my own circle who had different forms of ongoing post-vax issues. Most of them had stayed silent, and not reported their problems.

The reason they stayed silent is (1) out of fear of not being believed, (2) out of fear of being ostracised and cancelled for speaking out. I only learnt of their issues after I firstly told them of my problems. Many of them have still not told anyone else beyond their immediate family and myself.

I am comfortable in projecting that post-vax issues are occurring in at least 1-in-1,000 people, and I suspect it is actually closer to 1-in-100 (when you consider all those with very mild issues). I will admit that most of these do not represent major life-altering problems, but there are enough of us with serious issues to know that the true figure is many orders of magnitude greater than what “official” agencies dare to admit.

PS @Patient28_JJ, I don’t personally know anyone else with TTS, but I know two with diagnosed pericarditis. Statistically, according to official figures, I shouldn’t know any.


Agree on your suspicion. How many vaccinated friends/associates do you know of who have not had an adverse reaction? Keep in mind that Pfizer (internal documents) listed Covid 19 infection as the number one recorded adverse event…

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Augusto Roux had severe pericarditis from the Pfizer vaccine in the clinical trial, but they reported it as a Covid-19 infection. How many others did this occur with?

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