IVIG treatment (yay or nay)

I’ve heard that some people have gotten worse on IVIG even when their test results (celltrend, etc…) indicated that it would be helpful…

Did IVIG help or hurt? Yay or nay?

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Hmm I guess it’s hard to know if any treatment does well since a few people naturally get better over time… so it’s hard to say if IVIG did it or if they just naturally got better. So far a number of vax injured have tried IVIG… at the second ron johnson conference, a number of the vax injured speakers there were doing IVIG (bree, shaun barc, Joel Wallskog). I guess I won’t get into their medical histories (some of which I don’t know). I suppose that if we had more resources we’d have a way for people to anonymously report their results.

We do have data on how well IVIG works for other conditions like post polio syndrome… and it seems like it doesn’t do anything above placebo. So you might as well get acupuncture or something.


There doesn’t seem to be any major horror stories with IVIG… that I know of anyways. It’s not the craziest thing out there.