Ivermectin may help protect against COVID extending your vax injury or long COVID

Those with vax injury, long COVID, or ME/CFS seem to be at high risk (>20%?) of being hurt by a COVID infection. There’s some data on COVID infections hurting vax injured and long COVID patients here: React19 survey #3

Data starts on slide 57

An Israeli study looked at viral loads in acute COVID patients, finding a benefit to the ivermectin group. They took less time to test negative and seemed to have lower viral loads.

Less exposure to spike protein should be a good thing as the dose of spike protein matters.

Here’s a list of studies showing how higher levels of spike protein exposure (e.g. from vaccines) leads to higher rates of myo/pericarditis and mild side effects such as rash.


If you have a chronic illness, you probably don’t want your illness extended or worsened from a COVID infection. Ivermectin may play a role in preventing that. It’s a shame that most platforms will censor discussion of the drug.