Ivermectin guide: how to get it, safety info, etc

Ivermectin guide on LongHaulWiki

It helped me a lot in the beginning - see my experience post here. Ivermectin works for some people and doesn’t do anything for others.

It’s fairly safe… probably safer than Tylenol. It is sold over-the-counter in Mexico just like Tylenol. It looks like Tennessee in the United States will soon sell it over the counter. Unfortunately, because of stupid culture wars nonsense, one side of the culture wars decided to spread misinformation about it. You can’t even post a link to ivmmeta.com on Reddit. Insane, crazy stuff. The other side of the culture wars may be a little too pro-ivermectin. It doesn’t work for all the vax injured and didn’t get me to 100% recovered.

How to get it: The guide has information specific for US, Canada, Australia. It also tells you how to buy it online without a prescription, how to get a prescription for it via telemedicine, etc. etc.

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